I'm Struggling - Tara Hammett

I’m Struggling

It’s been a little while….again.
Woah, I didn’t realise time could actually go faster than it used to before.
Each day I think in my mind, I’ll do this, and I’ll do that and before I know it
the day has gone.
I’m struggling to do all those things I want to do.
Of course, I could probably manage my time better, but at the mo I’m loving being distracted by
my little sleep & time thief – Danny!
Things are looking on the up for me though.
I felt like I was being held back.
One reason – I had no car so I couldn’t go out.
Second reason – the weather has been against me.
I felt like because these two factors were getting in my way, I couldn’t make a start on the new structure and routines I need to develop for my new lifestyle as a Mamma.
I’ve been visualising my days starting off with a morning walk with Danny. Using the time to think about my day, what I need to do, Listen to an audio book and do some live videos and now I feel I can start to make some progress with my days.
I suppose I was just giving myself excuses
Yes, I could have still done stuff in the house like working out and catching up with the girls in the Taransformer groups (which I did, but I just skipped a few days with the butt challenge at home),
but for some reason I was just getting a block.
Maybe you kinda get what I mean.
Like you’ve been wanting to lose weight and change your lifestyle,
but something keeps getting in the way.
Weekends away
A wedding or glam event
Work colleagues bringing in goodies
All reasons to put off starting now and waiting until they’re out of
the way so then you can start and do it properly.
Thing is….
There will ALWAYS be something.
The best time to make change will always be NOW, no matter what is coming up.
You’d be much better off doing something now and making progress towards what you want
rather than doing nothing at all.
Take the Detox Programme which starts on Friday.
You may feel like you really need to do it and have a kickstart, but
be put off because you know on one of the days you’ve got something on.
Surely 6 days are better than 0 days?
I know I’m not going to be on top of everything I want to do every day,
but I can always try my best.
There certainly isn’t anything like the perfect plan or day,
but we can all be normal and do the best we can.
Just start.
Get as much support and motivation around you and
take the first step.
Tara xxx
P.S I’m getting support with my walks too and arranged to meet a friend who’s also a brand new Mamma,
this will keep me accountable and make me go even when cwtching up on the sofa seems more appealing.
You can get your support with the detox girls to help keep you going.
We’re starting on the weekend, hope to see you in there xxx


  • March 28, 2017