How I’m Starting 2018 - Tara Hammett

How I’m Starting 2018

Happy New Year

How are you planning on spending your first day of 2018?

I'm aiming to start as I mean to go on.

It's going to be a productive one.

Christmas Decs are coming down
We're going to go out for a walk (I'm keeping an eye on my weather app)
It's going to be good food only today and
Me and Deaks had a chat last night as we're going to sit down and spend some time doing some goal setting together.

This is what I'll be encouraging the Taransformer Girls to do today too

Yesterday I was chatting on BBC Radio about how to have the best start to 2018

It's all well and good to say
"I'm going to lose weight"
"I'm going to be happier"
"I'm going to do more stuff"

But without some proper thought, effort and may be just as successful as other thoughts which never turned into action.

Dedicating 30mins today to planning your next 12 weeks could be what determines how successful you are.

If you want to make changes you need to focus on a few things. Try answer these questions and write the answers down.

  • What area to you want to change or improve?
  • Body
    Charity Work
  • Why do you want to change it?
  • Really think about could be the one thing you think about everytime you need a little extra motivation.
  • When will you start and when will you achieve it by?
  • How are you going to do this? (You need to get specific here!)
  • Who is going to help you??.....Hi
  • Is what you want realistic?
  • How are you going to measure how well you've done?
  • Are your plans actually relevant to getting what you want?

These are all the types of things I'm working with the girls on this week and making sure that by the time my first programme starts (Next Monday), they are ready to take it on and know exactly what they're going to do.

Whilst you enjoy your first day of the New Year, don't forget that you can register NOW to let me know you're interested in the next 6 Week Plan.

We open the doors on Saturday ready to kick off on Monday.

In the last programme we saw losses of up to 16lbs!!!

How do you think you'll feel in 6 weeks times feeling 16lbs lighter, a few inches smaller and already in a smaller dress size?


P.S I actually like this New Years Day, goal setting feeling. I've completely woken up with a different mindset and feeling much more motivated.

  • January 1, 2018