I'm on Day 3..You? - Tara Hammett

I’m on Day 3..You?

Last week my veggie intake was RUBBISH.


Things like this happen to me too.

Not every meal had them in.

I relied on protein bars,
Some salads & fruit
and a bit of junk.


So, at the beginning of the week I knew this week
couldn’t be the same to I made my declaration in
a video to my groups and a daily pic on my Instagram.

A smoothie a day.

So I’m on Day 3 and as I’ve declared it to everyone,
it’s really giving me the drive to make sure I do it.

When you have to report to someone,
you get that extra motivation to do things.

You find the time to squeeze things into your day somehow,
rather than using the old ‘I haven’t got time’ excuse.

We can all get it,

We’ve all got time.

It’s what we make of it, so even though I was rushing this morning,
I found and made the time to make a smoothie.

Great to make and take for on the go.

Fancy doing it too?

I can make it even easier for you to do the same as me.

Detox week opens on Friday.

You can make your declaration like I have
You can get motivated like I have
You can get support 24/7 with the group of detoxers.

Spend a week with me and kick start the health mission you want.

7 Day Detox

Lets get detoxing!

Tara xx

P.S Not all the food in detox week is smoothies, there’s real meals in there too
like Fish & Chips.

And not all the smoothies are green.

We’ve got pink ones, orange ones, purple ones and yellow ones.

So much to choose from 🙂

  • July 13, 2016