I'm injured and don't know what to eat - Tara Hammett

I’m injured and don’t know what to eat

I’ve come back to a tonne of
fab emails with many of you asking for
tips and advice…so I’ll start with Victoria…
Wonder if I could ask your advice.
Hurt my knee running the
Cardiff half marathon in October.
Have managed a few 10ks and 5ks
since but end up in agony.
I also have a pin in there too from an old injury.
My physio has suggested
I take all high impact training out.
This means I have to totally scale crossfit,
can’t run and can’t do anything that involves jumping…
And I’m also not allowed to squat either 🙁
I want to get back into doing
HIIT in the morning but am wondering
if there are any exercises you can suggest
that are low impact but will get my heart rate up?
I’ve got your videos and am trying the lower
Impact versions of the exercises
but am not feeling like I’m doing much!!!
What would you suggest? 
Also.. Food wise..
As I can do anything near what u was doing before-
how Should I adjust what I am eating? 
Not knowing a massive amount about the injury
I would definitely suggest STOP the running ASAP.
I used to do a lot and had pains, Now I’ve stopped,
I Just do HIIT, Weights & Sprints and I’m leaner, 
​stronger, fitter……and PAIN FREE!
(My back, knees and feet would be in
AGONY too)
It saves time and gets the results I want.
Exercise should make you feel good not INJURED
​So…I can see a few 5/10k’s have still been done.
Stop completely for AT LEAST
12 weeks.
In the meantime, there are many low impact exercises
like you’ll see in my DVD’s and the Workout
videos in my 21 Day Program
(I show both high impact and low to choose from)
So stick with that for a mo and let me 
know your progress – you’ll be surprised how
much you’ll respond to the low impact stuff.
When you exercise less….EAT LESS.
This doesn’t mean feel
RESTRICTED or starvin, but have slightly
smaller meals, which will still be
balanced with the protein, fats,
​nutrition you need.
Reduce the size and just stick to a small
amount of carbs post workout / 1 meal a day..
like DINNER maybe and
monitor your progress.
Again, I can help you
with every SINGLE meal 
when you sent me your meal
photos HERE.
​When changing things it will
need testing and measuring,
​and I can hold you accountable for the next 21 days.
​Victoria….I definitely suggest you
jump in with me and the team and get the SUPPORT.
And everyone else reading this email.
I suggest the same..OBVO..
It is a results getting programme.
Alison lost 5lbs and 5 inches
Lucy lost her cravings
for sweet things
Victoria got more energy and her skin
cleared up.
All feeling AWESOME
and chuffed to still be on track and
‘in the game’.
Keep fit & fab
Tomorrow I’ll share some photos
of the BRAND NEW MEALS this month including
Quinoa Bread, Cheesy Veg Crumble and
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake
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  • July 30, 2015