I’m gonna extend…I’d better explain - Tara Hammett

I’m gonna extend…I’d better explain

I've had some time out

You know that feeling when it's time to chill, have a break and relax.

That's what I did.

I know I haven't long come back from our family holiday but since then It's been busy working,
sorting house stuff out, my partners worked every weekend and it's been all go.

Thursday night we had a night off together, had a few drinks and indulgent food and it's kinda spilled through to the weekend.

We've hardly left the house but we've spent time as a family relaxing, playing with Danny and watching TV.

The spending time part has been lovely...priceless, but it has kinda left us feeling a bit lethargic and tired.

Today it's back in the game

I made a big pie yesterday, filled the slowcooker up with a lovely beef stew and I've got some work to do on the Party Body Programme

We're doing a spot of filming so I'll be moving around....and getting glammed up

This is a programme about surviving the party season after all 😉

On that note

The Early Action Taker discount was going to finish today!!


As I've had 3 days off, I'm adding 3 days on


I'll have more info coming your way this week about the programme, but for now check out the video of one of the fast home workouts and click the link above to secure your spot.

As Teresa said in her post in the Facebook group last night

" I don’t want to put on more weight again... have only put on 3lbs since LT 11 but it cud easily go up Tara Hammett .... dark evenings and comfort eating and drinking ? ... mmmnnnn .... need to be motivated...... xx"

How do you think things will be for Christmas if you don't grab this opportunity to lose weight in the build up to Christmas?

Hope you're going to be joining me and the team



  • October 29, 2017