I'm expecting some complaints - Tara Hammett

I’m expecting some complaints

‘I Really don’t know what to do and I need a bit of help’
..that’s what Teresa said in the group the other day.
Deep down she knew she needed to do something to stop her giving in to the cold dark nights, comfort eating and risking the pounds building up.
She asked for some help because she knew she needed some, which we all do, and she knew the answer. She just needed a bit of reassurance, like we all do.

Life can be frustrating.

Often we know what our problems are and we may even know what to do about them but we fear that taking action is too risky. It may not be what we imagined, too expensive, you’re heads not in the game right now, too much on, it may not work, you may fail.

You know what happens as a result?


We do nothing.

You need to tell yourself to get started,

do something,

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don’t be the person that misses opportunities and lets things pass anymore.

We all delay things we should start and then we’re shocked when nothing happens,

when opportunities never show up,

or more excuses and obstacles get in our way.

If you want to go anywhere, you’ve got to start

As you read this you could be thinking ‘I have already started Tar’

which is awesome! You’re already ahead of most people

but could you be doing more?

You probably could – there’s always more.

When you get frustrated in pursuit of your goals:

Weight Loss

Get into your skinny clothes

Like what you see in the mirror

Want to change your job

Would like to get out there and make new friends or meet someone

Don’t sit there and complain that you haven’t got what you want or that losing weight is so hard.

If you’re not REALLY trying then of course you’re going to be in the same place.

We talk about being brave (like in the little quote on the picture above),

and it really can be as simple as just taking action.

Whether it’s asking a friend for help,

Speaking to your boss,

joining a group

or asking me for some advice.

All the girls who we admire for losing so much weight and changing their lifestyle would have

started at one point by saying ‘I’m going to do it’

Just because conditions may not be exactly to your liking,

you don’t feel ready yet,

there’s too much temptation,

you’re lacking mtoivation, doesn’t mean you should let opportunities pass.

If you want to achieve something, you’ve got to get up and do something about it yourself.

Right now

You know what to do to get started

It’s time to get up and do it

On Monday we start the Party Body Programme.

(If you have already taken the first step and joined…… 2 more sleeps until we’re open!!)

We’ll be opening the doors on Saturday morning so everyone in the team can

get excited, get organised and get prepped ready for some real change.


Will you grab this opportunity to change?

Or complain in 6 weeks time that nothing has changed (or worse…those festive pounds have started to creep up)

Don’t be one of those that complains

Put yourself first

Tara xxx

P.S After Teresa’s post asking for help and advice, she joined in the programme!! WOO HOO!!

Now she knows she’ll be in control, lose weight and doesn’t have to worry or feel anxious anymore.

Tara Hammett