I'm Back..and I stepped on the scales - Tara Hammett

I’m Back..and I stepped on the scales

You know that moment when you come home from holiday

The house looks the same, but different

The cases need packing, washing and putting away

You feel exhausted from the travelling

You wonder what damage you’ve done from all the indulging….

Holidays are so worth it though and we were so ready to escape everything and chill out

Before we went we were Stressed



We wanted to get away from the house, which still has some work needing doing

We needed to escape

The priority list was spending quality time together

relaxing in the warm weather

having fun with Danny

enjoying some fab food and a few drinks

We did it all

TBH I was expecting a few pounds gain, and I shared many of my meals & drinks with the girls in the Taransformer Support groups, I stepped on the scales this morning and I stayed the same weight.

Please don’t think I’m sending you a braggy email….I’ve got a few points and tips for you.

Firstly, is the importance of balance.

I ate waffles at breakfast,

Chips and ice cream at lunch

Chocolate and Wine with a 3 course dinner

I had everything I enjoyed with 2 important factors

1 – I didn’t do it at every meal. I made good choices with lots of veg, salad, lean meat and fish

2 – When I did it, I enjoyed it so much and wasn’t hard on myself for being indulgent

Secondly, we moved…in a much gentler way

At home I aim to get in the gym or do a home workout 3/4 times per week. I lift weights, work hard and get it done and dusted in about 20mins. On holiday we took the nicer approach. In the two weeks I went to the gym 3 times (once walked out because I was skipping and felt my pelvic floor wouldn’t play game, so I bailed. Grrrr)

We went for lovely walks along the coastline. Danny enjoyed the ride and we enjoyed the chatting, people watching and sunshine.

Walking is something that I (and many) don’t do enough of which is to good to make a habit of.

Third point – We weren’t stressed

We took things in our stride. When we’re stressed our bodies get tense and our hormones can make us hold on to weight. Taking a much more relaxed approach in our lifestyle can help us manage stress and our hormones can work with us to relax and make it easier to lose weight, burn fat and feel healthier.

Now I know you’re not all in Lanzarote right now but following these principles is what we need to do as a lifestyle. Not just on holiday or when you’ve got something coming up.

When you want to lose weight, lose the bloat and like your body more you need to make good choices most of the time and enjoy the indulgences (not the mindless, Oops I didn’t mean to eat all those moments)

You need to move regularly even if you just go for a walk. Life is busy busy busy and a 12min HIIT or 15mi walk most days will make a difference

Be kind to yourself. 

You are NOT a failure if you slip up and don’t stick to a plan.

It’s hard staying mindful all of the time, but learn that you can get back to it. The main thing is to never ever ever give up.

Opening this weekend is the FINAL DETOX WEEK of 2017

I will NOT be doing anymore


If you want to de-bloat

Lose weight

Get a kickstart to feeling in control

Need a bit of help to get on the wagon

This is your last chance


^^ Click on the link now to join me and the team

Everything goes so fast

I can’t believe this is the last programme of 2017

Are you going to take action and make some changes or stay the same?

Tara xxxx

P.S Whilst I didn’t put on any weight on holiday, I certainly feel I need a good detox from the cakes, ice-cream, waffles, diet coke, coffee, wine, beer, crisps……Time to get some more water and some good clean eating at home. My man will be joining me too 

  • October 13, 2017