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I said do NOT do my 12 minute workout

During one of my Skype coaching calls yesterday

We covered so many topics about getting success whatever your

Health goals are that I thought I’d share some of it with you.


We’ll call my client M for this story…


M has done fantastic and what I really loved was that she

Has had a good think about what she wants to achieve.


First she wrote them down…this is great as when you see it in

Black and white, you’re being more specific and have something to

Give you more direction.


And these were simple…but really

Important goals.


Re-educate her palate – so she can really taste

Real food with all the real flavours not fancying

Processed, fake stuff.


She wanted to be able to play tag in the park with her daughter.


She wanted to spend her birthday vouchers on a new wardrobe – but in a size smaller.


She wanted her wedding rings to fit again.


Such simple goals, but so important to her and totally achieveable with

A bit of support and direction.


But she was worried…


You see, M is doing my online weight loss

Program too and she was totally stressing herself out

About not getting the 12 minute workouts done. She couldn’t

Do the morning, afternoon or evening

After running around after all

The children.




That was my feedback…


It could be all well and good for me to say

“You have to do them, that’s the rules.

Get up earlier, go to bed later, just get

it done….it’s only 12 minutes. Anyone can find this”





I know full well that life can very often

Get on top of you, and living a healthier

Lifestyle needs to not only be flexible,

but it needs to consider more than just exercise

and nutrition.


We need to consider our mindset, our sleep

And our stress levels.


If I went down that military

(And quite frankly – totally wrong)

route then M would have beat herself up

about not getting it done….

Mindset will be negative.


She would have stressed more about getting up earlier….

Cortisol levels through the roof, so increased chance

Of fat storing and


Sleep would have been less, so again hormones would

Be out of sync and you’ll run the risk of more cravings,

Reduced will power, feeling cranky & lethargic and

Again…..reducing chances of success.


So what did I say…


Leave them!


Instead, in the morning

Try to have an

Extra hour in bed if you get the chance.


In the afternoon, go and play in the park with your children

(great for mindset, exercise and de-stressing with

lots of fun)


In the evening have a hot

Bubble bath instead


So that would hopefully cover mindset,

Sleep and stress in addition to exercise.


And the nutrition…

M had it nailed anyway…she’s seen all my recipes and

Had my shopping list

(You can grab over 60 here).

Her fridge was full of clean ingredients and

She had mastered the assembly meals…


If your fridge is full of the right stuff, you can grab, assemble onto

A plate and enjoy.


Ready in seconds


(M was going to have prawns, cherry tomatoes, spinach leaves,

nuts & seeds and a few more chopped up

salad items with a dollop of cottage cheese)


She’s also got my emergency soup

Recipe too for an instant, hot, comforting meal.


Does this crazy, upside down


MYSELF scenario ring any bells??


If so, then my answers to M are

Hopefully music to your



When making changes to our lifestyle, we want

Them forever.


Yes it’s going to take some hard work and

Mindful decisions initially – but

Don’t beat yourself up.


Do the best you can, follow some

Simple rules and you will get there.


You can do anything!


So I leave you with

This positive daily affirmation:


‘Let go of the worries about things you can’t control;

you can only be responsible for

your own behaviour. When you do your best,

you never lose.


Keep fit & fab




P.s If you want to get totally inspired with

A coaching call with me, email me back and

Lets catch up!

  • September 17, 2014