I really HOPE you can handle this - Tara Hammett

I really HOPE you can handle this

I did a presentation
last night for the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society
(NRAS) and as
anyone who does something new
for the first time I had that little
nervy feeling inside.
I hope it goes ok
What will I do if they don’t like me?
We all get it.
And it didn’t help that in usual Tara fashion
I took the WRONG turning
TWICE to get to the venue.
Typical Tara style – My geography skills
Anyway, my talk
was about the benefits of
nutrition, exercise and mindset change with
Rheumatoid Arthritis and
have all of them can effect your life and
improve wellbeing.
I’m delighted to report back that it went so well.
In my mind deep down I knew it would.
I know this information well
I’d prepped and planned for it
but we all still get these feelings.
So before I started my talk
I switched the words in my head from
I HOPE it goes ok
I KNOW it will be ok.
What will i do if they don’t like me?
I know I can handle it!
This switch in mindset changed my
thinking from VICTIM thoughts to
those of POWER.
This helped me to walk in CONFIDENT and
more relaxed as I knew I could only do MY BEST.
And it all starts from taking the step forwards
and taking action.
Now I’m the other side of the presentations
delighted with how well it went.
The feedback was wonderful.
I didn’t plan it, but I sold DVD’s and
found out later that I helped the group draw in
new people.
Goal achieved.
Much like Claire…
Remember me mentioning that she
is LOVING the results from joining
the 21 day programme as she lost 11lbs and
is feeling so HAPPY!
I popped to her house quickly yesterday to
drop a DVD off
(She lives around the corner)
and she ran out.
Claire had ummed and ahhhed
about joining the programme for a while.
She said
“I should do it” << Victim words
and changed it to
“I Could / Must do it” << POWER words.
Should implies that you have no choices,
Should brings on guilt and upset as
it implies you WON’T do it.
Could is more POWERFUL and
puts you in a place of CHOICE not OBLIGATION.
That is EXACTLY how Claire has got
the results she wants.
She’s CONFIDENT now that
she’s found the winning formula to change her
lifestyle and get into her bridesmaid dress
later in the year.
Following Claire’s success, she’s inspired her friend
Sarah to take action last night and join the program.
Rather than THINKING
she’d LOVE to be back in her clothes
from before having her baby
She’s now taking steps towards
achieving what she wants.
You can too.
I’ve done all the prepping and planning
for YOUR winning formula to
lifestyle with the program.
All you have to do is SHOW UP and
turn you’re SHOULD’s into MUST’s
And you can do that right HERE
right NOW!
We kick off on Monday
and you can get your head around
everything you need to do so you’re
ready to achieve your weight loss
and fitness goals like Claire.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S Watch my video from yesterday on Facebook –
I was asked if the diet is suitable for wheat and dairy intolerances.
YES it is – just the same as it is PERFECT for anyone that live with
Rheumatoid Arthritis Рlike I mentioned last night xx
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  • September 22, 2015