I NEVER thought I'd do this on a Friday night - Tara Hammett

I NEVER thought I’d do this on a Friday night

Hello from Newcastle..

Yep, this weekend is a weekend of

Work and getting my nerd on!

So I travelled to the airport like a big girl

On my own, made my

Way to the hotel super late and safely arrived at the right place.

I was a bit apprehensive, I’ll be honest.

I’d never done it before and it was a

very long day,

So, in the pursuit

of taking action towards my goals,

I’ve had to dedicate

A load of my time to more learning & travelling

(and spending –

this one day is expensive too)

but for me I know it’s going

To be a worthwhile investment in my goals.

I want to be able to reach out

To more people about my programs, products

Tips and advice to help

People change their lives and feel



So I know that to achieve new things,

To make my thoughts become a reality

I have to take action,

Step outside of my comfort zone



I was texting a gorgeous friend

Yesterday who had a little business idea

That they wanted to do and asked me what I thought.

Just the same I said – go for it!

(I’ve got quite a few people asking me for

business tips and inspiration…I think I sniff a

Business TARAnsformer for 2015!)


Put those thoughts into action.

And whether I can inspire people in business

or health,

It’s just the same.

This year I’ve taken big risks,

Frightened myself, but I haven’t looked back.

I gave up my full time job to

dedicate my time to my thoughts & ideas.


The 21 day program, the detox program,

By books….they were all thoughts once.

Imagine I kept them as just that!


And the same with you…

When you look in the mirror and think

“I wish I liked my body”

“I wish my clothes fitted better”

“I think I could be happier”

What do you think will happen if you just keep on

Thinking about it and not taking action?

So are you thinking of taking

Action and joining in with me and the team in my

Last but one weight loss program??

Join here now


That’s the link

Join now and like me

Invest in yourself!


Be productive with your time and

Achieve your dreams.


Keep fit & fab



P.s I donated a prize to the women in business awards in Swansea

yesterday and a wonderful lady won…and she’s 82!

I can’t wait to see if she really does join in!!

PPs as soon as I press send I’m going to do a

12 minute workout in my room (Just like the ones here) before going down to breakfast.

So whilst I’m sitting all day learning, my body will still

be working hard for me.


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  • October 4, 2014