I know WHY you don't do it - Tara Hammett

I know WHY you don’t do it

….and I KNOW how to change it.

Last night in the Live Webinar with the inner circle we

talked about why you can’t find any motivation to do anything to lose weight, even though

you HATE your body and how you feel.

Anybody wanting to lose weight goes through the same.

You get started all guns blazing. You’re strong and THIS TIME you’re gonna do it.

But something crops up, an obstacle or you don’t see results fast enough,

you go off track,

you talk yourself out of exercise,

you fall for something yummy that you’d restricted yourself of

you lose your mojo

you’re back to square one.

Sound like you?

It sounds like everyone.

As we chatted last night in the webinar,

everyone does quite well with the contemplation part of change.



….how much prep do you actually put into it.

– When did you last plan a few days meals – like, write them down and see them in front of you?

– When did you last write down your weight & measurements and set yourself a specific goal for the next week, month, 3 months?

– When did you last put your gym kit ready and set 15 mins aside to DEFINITELY do your workout?

– When did you last make yourself accountable to someone to guide you, support you and keep you going?

If you don’t do some of these SIMPLE tasks, don’t complain that you’re not getting results.

The girls were given some tasks by me and I’ll be expecting the results from them.

How about you?

I can help you cover everything you need in one place AND be extra nice and

save you monies.

The 21 day programme opens its doors tomorrow.

It’s normally £55

Now – It’s £30

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S inner circle girls…..don’t forget what I want from you xxx

  • August 18, 2016