I could NOT be bothered - Tara Hammett

I could NOT be bothered


You get those days right?
I know this isn’t typical ‘Tara’, but yesterday
I kinda had one.
I still got lots of things done, but little
pointless things.
I  just could not be F***ed
and I REALLY could not be arsed to go out
and do my run last night that I said I would do.
I put it off and put it off and put it off
and I actually said to myself
‘What would Tara say to someone else?’
So I made my commitment on my goals
not my feelings.
In the end I was chuffed I went and I had a lovely
Turkey Thai Burger when I got in so I was pleased.
When I was going along I remembered the saying:
“Commitment is doing the thing you said you
were going to do, long after the mood you said it has left you.”
It is hard work sometimes
It is easier to avoid your workout and chill on the sofa
It is easier to cave to the wine, crisps, take-out or chocolate
It is easier to waste time on social media instead of focussing on your work
But all those easy things will NEVER get you what you want.
The yo-yo-ing
The vicious circle
The falling off the wagon
The ‘I know I should, but…’
The excuses
I know it, and I’ve spoken to enough of you to know
that we all feel it.
Alison felt it….we had a bit of a convo…
Hello beautiful lady ,
I know you have already started life taransformers ,
when will you be doing the next round ??
*Not for 12 weeks
Oh girl I need to be in it ,
I have lapsed and eaten like a bitch.
I’m little confused, is the inner circle different to life group then ??
*Yes it is, but you can join it ANYTIME and it’s ONLY £27
I know I have to do something !!
I need that constant boot up the bum !
*Can I kick you up the bum????
Well guess what…that little SOS message inspired Alison
to take action. She is our newest member of the team and
I”m excited to help her achieve her body goals,
take action and get that summer body sorted.
Are you a bit like Alison?
Can I kick you?
This is what Alison did and I
strongly encourage you to do.
Click on this link www.tarasinnercircle.com
COMMIT to your goals and the lifestyle you want
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S Sending this early……if you read it in time
join me at 7am LIVE on Facebook for a FREE 12 min workout
with me
Remember….even when you can’t be bothered….DO IT

Tara Hammett