How YOU Can Lose 34 Inches All Over - Tara Hammett

How YOU Can Lose 34 Inches All Over

And it is NOT a pancake recipe!

Just look at the comparison in the piccy.

One was taken on Day 1 of the Life TARAnsformer Programme
and the other 12 week s after.

Emma has now lost 4 stone and as she said in her message to me
last night.

She has never felt so proud.

Following my seminar on Wednesday evening, Emma messaged to say she had been stopped in the street, stopped in Asda and inboxed by many about how she makes her pancakes.

First up………it’s not the pancake recipe that’s going to
help you lose up to 4 stone like Emma.

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Emma decided she couldn’t continue to be miserable.
She didn’t want to dread her Tenerife holiday.
She wanted to feel confident and proud.

That is exactly what she is now.

Emma decided she didn’t want to be one of those people that reads
all about the success stories I share, then WISH it was her.

She didn’t think ‘I SHOULD do the 12 week programme’

She KNEW that she had to turn her should into a MUST and it’s the
best decision she made.

Maybe its the same decision YOU should make.


I could fill the rest of this email up with pancake recipes.

I could add in a few 12 minute HIIT workouts

I could even remind you to go to bed earlier, give you
a top tip on reducing stress, encourage you to show your gratitude with
a loved one and advise you how to spend 10 mins today learning to
love yourself more.

And once you’ve read them……..would you even do any of them?

I’ve done many coaching calls this week and there was a trend.

I asked

“What’s the biggest obstacle getting in the way of you and your goals?”

The answer.


So get out of your own way.

DROP the excuses

Do something for you TODAY.

I can’t do it for you, and neither can Emma.

It’s down to you.

Be an action taker.


Or, open one of my emails in about 14 weeks time, when you’re in exactly the same
situation (or worse) and WISH you did something sooner.

WE’ll be in the run up to Christmas at about that time too….we all know what
happens then.

Just saying
Keep fit & fab

Tara xxxxx
P.S….. It’s YOU

Nobody else can do it for you.

Tara Hammett