How to un-idiot yourself - Tara Hammett

How to un-idiot yourself

f3fdecfdf5084b52ad90c8cfb9cc5b0cI’m just being an idiot


That’s what one of the girls said on our coaching call yesterday.

She’s not though – she’s really lovely.

What she was on about is that she KNOWS what she should be doing to
get more toned, fitter, more confident.

So I asked her why she needs my help?
Why can’t she do it alone?

“Because I’m an idiot”

Well……there’s many idiots out there.
I’m an idiot too at times.

So how can you un-idiot yourself.


Thing is……..we all know it’s not easy on your own.

YOU get in your own way.

YOUR Laziness
YOUR Procrastination
YOUR Excuses

I’ve said a LOT that there are 4 lethal words that you can say
when you want to change: I already know that.

What good is it KNOWING it if you’re not going to DO it?

Knowledge is of no value unless it is practiced.

I’ve also heard a few others as well which are risky.

I know what to do – I’m gonna have another go on my own.


Where did that get you before?
Did it work at the beginning of the year?
The start of Summer?
Before your holiday?
Where are you now from going on your own?

As todays quote says…SUPPORT sustains us on the journey you’ve started.

Gemma has learned this…

“Although we are coming to the end of the 21 days –
I feel this is only the beginning of a much bigger journey!
There is absolutely no blinking way I’m going back into bad habits after this!
I’ve never felt so motivated and energised in my life and I’ve done a fair few ‘diets’.
I don’t feel like this is a diet at all, it’s just a way of life. X”

She started her journey with some knowledge she already had,
learned a bit more over the 21 day programme and
knows the ‘secret’ to success is to continue getting support and
get accountable.

Tomorrow we open the next 7 day Detox Programme.

Start (or continue) your journey NOW
7 days
Set a goal
Do the work
Achieve it
Let’s get fit & fab
  • October 7, 2016