How to Stop Negativity From Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts - Tara Hammett

How to Stop Negativity From Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts

How to stop negativity from sabotaging your weight loss efforts

I recently received a negative comment on Facebook (apparently I look like I’m too scared to eat). I have spoken to many ladies so upset and demotivated by negative comments they have decided to give up on their weight loss goals and forget about their dream body. So, I am going to share with you how you can accept negative comments and opinions from others without it sabotaging you weight loss efforts.

Whether it be online, at work, or walking down the street, you will receive negativity at some point in your life. The thing is, everyone creates opinions of others, and everyone is entitled to have their own opinions, but other people’s opinions are none of our business. If I was to allow negative opinions to consume my thoughts, I’d be making it exist in my world, and I am the most important person in my world, just like YOU are the most important person in your world, so we must look after ourselves by blocking out any negativity that may affect us. We are the ones in control through our thoughts and decisions on whether we allow something to bother us or not.

How to Overcome Negative Comments

If we were to dwell on a negative comment by feeling and looked miserable all day, the people around us would start feeling the same. Negativity is contagious. 

1-0 to the Drainer. 

We have far more important things to focus on. We are all in control of our own thoughts, so lets not allow one person to change that.

There’s two types of people out there, Drainers and Radiators. The Drainers are energy vampires, they’ll sap the fun out of you. Hacking away with moans and groans all the time.

Radiators, you’ve gotta love them. They’ll make you smile, laugh, and you’ll want to be around them as they dazzle positivity and happiness. The best possible advice I could give anyone is to simply surround yourself with positive people. Have you noticed how much you absorb those vibes from the people around you? 

Controlling Your Thoughts to Stay Healthy & Positive

We all have bad days. You may have woken up this morning and had nothing but negative thoughts, its raining outside, its dark, I’m tired, I’m not happy with my weight, I hate this stupid diet I’m on, etc. However, the more you think like this, the more you will carry it into your day. You’ll look back and think, “That was a rubbish day”. You thought it, so you attracted it to you. Instead, you could wake up and think of all the things you’re grateful for, what you appreciate in life, how lucky you are to have family and friends around, and your health. 

Sometimes you’ll have to put your protective shield up and let the negativity bounce off you. You may work with someone that drains all day, making it a struggle to stay uplifted, but you can overcome this by looking for the positives.

You may have someone that makes you feel negative with peer pressure, “Ah live a little, have a biscuit!” Be strong, tell them you’re happy without it, you don’t need it to live a little, but hope that they enjoy it. It’s only because they see the willpower in you they wish to see in themselves which makes them try to put you down – I mean what difference does it mean to them if you have one or not? Their guilt! 

Staying Happy by Spreading Positivity

So, start by thinking of all the things your are grateful for, you can then do small things each day to stay positive and pass it on to others.You could set yourself simple goals each day, for example: smile at 3 strangers on the street, give a work colleague a compliment, or call an old friend for a chat. By simply spreading positivity, you will soon realise your own mood and positivity will increase.

Tara Hammett