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How to Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

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Our fitness goals often move further and further away as we struggle to stay positive and find motivation to stay on track. 

No matter how busy you are, how deflated you feel, or how unmotivated you become, there are ways you can maximise productivity and keep moving forward on your fitness journey.

The Simple Motivation-Boosting Strategy

Every Sunday evening, I sit down and plan the week ahead. I write down a list of everything I want to achieve the following week (something I recommend everyone should do), which can be anything from big goals for my business to simple workout goals.

We often have goals and tasks we aim to accomplish, but its easy to push them to the back of the queue of priorities and forget about them. You may be wanting to join a yoga class but haven’t had the chance to give them a call, or you may have wanted to try one of my recipes but haven’t found the time to dig around in the garage for the slow cooker.

You can accomplish more by writing a list of your goals on paper. This allows you to get everything out of your head and visually see everything that you need to do to move forward. It also allows you to tick goals off as you complete them, making you feel good about yourself, increasing positivity and motivation to help you achieve the next goal. 

The short amount of time you set aside for goal setting is going to make all the difference on how successful you’ll be in the upcoming week.

Tracking Your Fitness Journey to Maximise Results

To stay on track of my nutrition goals, I create a meal plan every week. I plan what I will eat for my breakfast, lunch and dinner each day which allows me to know exactly what foods I’m putting in my body, how many calories I’m consuming, and I can ensure I’m reaching my daily macro nutrient goals. A meal plan also helps me know exactly what groceries to buy when I do my weekly shop. This reduces any wasted time and effort throughout the week trying to decide what to eat, which also prevents any decisions to order takeaway. 

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The Only Tool You Need to Boost Motivation

I currently use a little personal food and exercise diary. It’s a fantastic tool as it already outlines areas to focus on and record, such as exercise, water consumption, caffeine consumption, and even how much I’ve laughed. These areas all help with our mindset, motivation and overall happiness. It’s a simple tool to help you stay on track. I got mine from the shop Tiger in Swansea and it’s great to use to help you stay accountable, track your progress and lose weight.

A lot of women wish they had a thin, toned, sexy body, but they spend too much time thinking and not doing. Getting a diary or tracker can be a great ‘first step’ to working towards your weight loss goals. This is because writing down what you aim to achieve makes your more accountable. 

Similar to a diary, but another great tool that can help you achieve your fitness goals is a white board. I keep one on my desk and have a magnetic one on my fridge. You can easily draw up a table, make a little tick box for some simple habits like working out, drinking water or going to bed early and make sure you ‘Don’t break the chain’ this will help you stay motivated with daily tasks as you like to see a tick in every box.

The Key to Motivation

From reading this I want you to feel inspired and motivated to keep working towards your fitness goals. Even if you just get a pen and paper and write down something you would like to achieve over the next 7 days. This may just create a little bit of excitement helping you to achieve it.

When you get into the habit of consistently planning out your weeks, you will find it easier to stay on track of your fitness goals and you will start seeing weight loss results. The key is prep. Choose the best way for you to be organised and stick to the plan. You can make weight loss easier, it all starts with how well you plan for it.


Tara Hammett