How to stay miserable...or WORSE - Tara Hammett

How to stay miserable…or WORSE

Did you catch my LIVE video last night?
It wasn’t the best as the stream stopped on Nic half way through,
so we’re doing it again tonight at 8pm, so If you can, jump on Facebook then and listen in live.
One thing we did mention last night which we’ll probably
touch on again is the fear of failure and how it stops people from getting
up and doing what they know they should do.
But get this.
If you don’t like your body
If you feel tired and lethargic because of your lifestyle choices
If you’re sick of feeling miserable
If you dread going out because you feel like the frumpy one out of your friends
If you hate going shopping because you never look good in your clothes
……you’re already failing.
You’re already NOT doing what you should be doing.
What probably stops you is looking like a failure.
Worry what your partner or friends may say
Worry about the others doing the programme and not being as good as them.
What if you spend the money and it doesn’t work?
^^ All excuses not to step up by the way^^
What if it’s the BEST thing you’ve done for yourself
(Like may of the girls who have already done it have said)
What if you FINALLY break away from the ‘Diet’s’ you’ve failed at and keep going back to
(Because its what you know….. ‘comfort zone’ and all that)
What if you start to BELIEVE you can actually get to your dream goal
(Rather than losing the same few pounds that you keep putting back on all the time)
What if you make yourself PROUD of what you’ve achieved
(and makes your partner/friends/family proud and inspired too)
15 girls are ready to start with me on Monday with an epic 12 week
GUARANTEED RESULTS journey to change and feeling more confident, more beautiful and
pleased that they did NOT just read about the opportunity and take action NOW.
All the girls in the programme are like you.
Normal, lovely girls who have tried every diet under the sun,
wasted money on short term quick fixes,
have loads of clothes that are too small that they wish they could wear.
Girls who know that if they stay on the same path doing the same thing for the next 3 months…..they’ll still be as miserable and things will either be the same…or worse!
There are 5 spaces left to join these girls.
We start on Monday.
You can apply now
Tara xx
P.S As I work on getting my body back over the next 12 week, Deaks is also doing it with me.
Pregnancy saw him put on a stone which he needs to get off and feel fitter again.
This has inspired some of the girls to get their partners doing it at home.
Another way of getting the willpower and support to get THAT body!
  • April 27, 2017