How to Manage a Busy Life and Feel Healthy & Happy - Tara Hammett

How to Manage a Busy Life and Feel Healthy & Happy

How to manage a busy life and feel healthy & happy

The days seem to be getting busier, more is being thrown at us and whilst juggling it all, the goal of weight loss and feeling happier & healthier can seem like it’s getting further and further away.

Add to our hectic life the social media ‘perfect life’ posts that interrupt our news-feed. ‘Influencers’ sharing their mind blowing weight loss results with the latest skinny tea or fat torching lollipop – there is no wonder so many are feeling confused, not good enough and unmotivated.

The Truth Is – You Can Change Anything!

No matter how busy you are, how deflated or how scared and nervous you feel, you can make small steps towards a happier healthier you. Yes, change is scary and so is trying something new. Thousands of women who are desperate to lose weight and feel confident again spend so much money on quick fixes and empty promises. Sadly, all they have to show for it are cupboards full of opened, half used expensive supplements, powders and packets of diet products that got them nowhere.

Women Need Educating, Support and Belief in Themselves

I’m on a mission to do just that!

Today I’m going to share with you some tips and simple steps you can take to help you feel motivated and focused. These are a few habits I encourage the ladies to do in my Life Transformer Plan. You can easily add them into your day too.

1) Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparison is the thief of joy. All of us are unique and on our own journey’s. Whilst someone may have the perfect waist, they probably have their own struggles – something of which you may never have to worry about.

2) Take care of yourself first

This is something many women feel guilty about, however, being selfish is essential. Not only do you deserve to feel your best, your family deserve your best too. Being stressed and tired leaves you feeling impatient and irritable. Taking care of yourself first will make you feel happier and nicer to be around.

3) Get sufficient, quality sleep

There is a sleep deprivation health crisis. Too many choose to stay up late at night, scrolling through social media or binge watching box-sets. This will leave you tired and lacking energy. Prioritise your sleep. You may not be burning calories, however it will have a huge impact on your weight loss and health goals.

4) Exercise regularly

Don’t pressurise yourself into hours of boring exercise. A simple home workout for 12-20 minutes done three times per week plus regular walking is plenty. Not only will it help with weight loss, but with many other physical and mental benefits.

5) Improve your eating habits

Just make some simple changes. We’re all guilty of picking at children’s left-overs, sneaking a biscuit or two with a cuppa and relaxing with some munchies in the evening. Being mindful of these little automatic habits can make such a difference – even if you change nothing else. Next time there’s a half eaten fish finger or a work colleagues hobnobs hanging around – think twice about popping it in your mouth.

6) Practice gratitude

We all need to put things into perspective at times. Making a habit of daily gratitude can help you feel positive and improve the thoughts you have during the day.

7) Never give up! 

Always look forward. No matter how slow your progressing, small consistent steps taken to achieve your goals help to create the results you want. Don’t be all or nothing. Do all or something.

8) Stop stressing about the scales

Success isn’t a dress size or a number on the scales. You are more than that! Yes, we all must be responsible for our health and fitness, but also remember we come in all different shapes and sizes and the clothes size we wear does not determine our self worth. People will always remember you for how you made them feel – not appearance.

9) Get support

I know these habits may seem obvious, but putting them into practice is something else. Your chances of success will always be improved when you surround yourself with others who can help you. Being part of a community with similar people is inspiring and can help you achieve more belief in yourself. Don’t do it alone, and don’t be too scared to ask for help!

I hope these little habits help you feel encouraged and motivated to focus on your lifestyles goals. Yes, change is hard. Nobody achieved or learned anything from the easy route. Even trying out one habit today can help you be that 1% better. If you only aim for 1% every day, imagine the difference this can make over time.

Keep lifestyle change simple, don’t overwhelm yourself and always keep looking forward.

If you would like more tips and advice or would like me to answer a question, you can contact me on or message me on via social media.

Tara Hammett