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How To Lose 1 Stone and 11.5 Inches Easily

How to lose 1 stone

This is Hannah What a transformation she has been through. If you want to learn how to lose 1 stone just like Hannah, then you should take a look at Hannah’s story.

Before she followed my tips and took her first step to change she was super busy with work and stressed out all the time.

Like many of us all her days were packed out.

Busy and Stressed

Running her own business and launching a new Hair Salon (Halo Hair Boutique BTW)

  • Spending lots of time doing exercise, but not getting weight loss results
  • She was eating ‘healthy’, but not getting the results she¬†thought she should be
  • Rushing around trying to do everything and very often having a glass or two of wine/prosecco in the evening to help relax.

Then we joined forces and look at her amazing transformation pictures below

How to lose a stone

Her stomach!!!!Her cheek bones!!!

Doing the right exercises to save time and get results faster.

  • Eating amazing food at home, fast healthy food on the go in work and eating out in restaurants a few times a week.
  • She’s even still enjoying the occasional cocktail and glass of prosecco
  • She’s got structure and is feeling organised to lose weight. Plus still working hard on her business with better structure and clarity on what to do.

Hannah was gorgeous before but now, she’s over the moon with her results. She’s waved goodbye to a stone and 11.5 inches of fat from her body. Hanna gave herself a little goal of feeling confident in her bikini on holiday. Now she’s sharing her transformation and on Day 1 of her holiday. Fabulous work Hannah.

How To Lose 1 stone on The 6 Week Body Plan

I can’t stress enough the importance of making today the day you stop thinking and start doing.¬†The 6 week body plan is open now for you to join

The team is already building. We’ve got a Mum and daughter team joining in ready to say ‘enough is enough’. They’re going to support each other through the 6 weeks.

We’ve got a gorgeous new mum with a 5 month old who’s had enough of being a sugar monster. She is ready to get motivated and is determined to feel better for her upcoming holiday.

This plan is perfect for them and for anyone that is busy and stressed. For anyone who has tried all the diets and still struggling to lose weight. Ladies who need guidance on what food to eat each day. Those who needs a bit of a push to get the motivation to exercise regularly. It for you if you really want to lose weight and is sick of feeling like it’s a constant battle. If you want to find out more about the 6 week body plan plan : CLICK HERE

If you feel like you’re inspired enough and don’t want to make it any harder to lose weight, I’m MAKING IT EASIER FOR YOU. I’ve got everything you need in one place to help you change your body, change your mindset and keep it that way (forever).

No going back – always looking forward!

Keep it fit and fab.

  • June 20, 2018