How to feel great (not terrible) in your clothes - Tara Hammett

How to feel great (not terrible) in your clothes

There's nothing like a holiday or event to make you pull your socks up and unleash some motivation!

Over the weekend we booked a holiday


2 weeks of sunshine, chilling and every single day with my boys.

As soon as it was booked came the:

"Right, I've got to get my head in it now babe, will you help me get in better shape"

(^^ That was my partner Richard btw)

So we're doing it together.

I'm helping him with his workouts

I'm doing all his food - luck lucky man!!

I'm supporting him <<< most important part

This is what we all need.

He knows what to do, but he doesn't do it.

Just like so many, but when the pressure is put on something clicks ( or panic sets in) and that's the driving force for now.

He's got a big 'WHY'

He doesn't want to feel uncomfortable on poolside.

So we're doing a 21 day shred together ( I made it up, but I'm documenting it all so you can get it once we've done it)

I also know there's 2 others feeling exactly the same.

Victoria is off on holiday on 1st August
Sarah is off on holiday 25th July

and they've just joined up on my Life Taransformer programme.

They're excited because now they've got a plan

and they've got me!

Every day for 12 weeks helping them stay motivated, inspired and accountable.

They WILL feel more confident because next week we'll be making a plan of how much weight they want to lose, what clothes size they want to be in and what they will do each week.

It WILL be done

Just like Gemma has done it in the current plan....she's lost 15lbs and is CHUFFED with the definition in her stomach (in fact...I'll ask if she's happy for me to share it with you tomorrow)

The plan opens next week,
Our first live meeting and hot seat starts on 14th May and we're going to be together right up to 30th July

Could this be the investment you want to help you drop your excuses and feel better?

Don't miss this opportunity as there won't be another chance to work with me like this until after Summer.....that will be too late for feeling confident this Summer.

But if you're happy to wait until next year...put it off!

I wouldn't advise that tho 😉

P.S If you're applied already...look out for a text message from me this morning

  • May 1, 2018