How did you get THAT butt? - Tara Hammett

How did you get THAT butt?

I was having a chat
with Sarah down the club the other
day and mid
convo I walked to the cupboard to
get something when she stopped talking.
“Tar…..I can’t stop looking at your arse.
I don’t remember it being like that…
has it always been like that?”
I suppose I have always been
a bit lucky to have a big one, but I do
have to work it.
Thing is with my shape,
I’ve got one of those boyish, straight
tube shapes
Narrow shoulders and
a straight waist.
I’m not like one of those lucky girls
who have the tinsy winsy waist
and gorgeous hourglass shapes.
Like all of us I suppose,
we can’t have everything.
BUTT…..      😉
It’s good to know
that there are some things we can do to
make the most of what we’ve got.
What shape would you say you have?
What area would like to improve more?
I reckon I can help you.
I’ve helped soooo many people
change their shape.
Whether you’re apple and
carry more around your belly
(but have lovely legs)
Pear shaped with wobbly thighs
(but have that waist
I would KILL for)
Or an athletic, tube shape,
similar to me…
You can improve and make
the BEST of what you’ve got.
That’s why after that convo
I got Sarah to hold my phone
and film the workout I had just completed.
(You can see it on Facebook – it’s
a brill butt one for the gym))
Through learning and
experience with MY BODY and my clients
I know the best way of training to
REALLY get a body you want to feel proud of
and I handpicked some INCREDIBLE
ones that tone AND fat burn in one go
You’ve got to get your eating NAILED
(you can still be a big foodie and
lose all the weight you HATE)
That’s super important for speeding up
the results you can get from my 12 minute workouts.
You’ve got to get your
training right for what you want.
In fact….that’s another thing I
said to Sarah…
She’s doing a load of running
at the moment and was saying about how
much her joints are hurting
and how much time it takes
My response
“You aiming for a shape like
Paula Radcliffe?”
No – she said quick
Don’t train like her then.
You want a healthy shape,
all toned and BUTTY??
Train for it then.
and the beauty of my training
is it is only a FRACTION
of the time.
Another AMAZEBALLS reason
for treating yourself to my fitness DVD
You get THAT butt a lot faster than
by doing it the wrong way.
Clicking on the link and getting your copy
for EPIC toning fast!

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.SI’m still only offering the
DVD to all you fab peeps on my email list for now
and signing copies….so you can get working out
with me at home before anyone else does xx
^^^ there it is again ^^^


Tara Hammett