Have you lost weight? :-) - Tara Hammett

Have you lost weight? :-)

Know how it feels to be asked

that simple question by someone after

1 week of eating more than

you have in a long while and simply

just walking for exercise?




That’s how Anna felt this week after

losing 9lbs in the detox week.

Anna sent me a lovely, long email

explaining how great she felt. She was proud that

she used her will power to follow the meal plan,

and whilst she had struggles with

her fitness and was worried

that she’d feel like a failure….

when her husband asked her that





She knew the hard work was worth it.

Inspired by that one,

unprovoked question Anna

is now even more committed to

achieving more and making sure she

doesn’t revert back to her old ways that made

her feel


unworthy and



So whilst Anna and the rest of the team

get their shopping list ready,

stock up their cupboards with

all the food I’ve advised and

are you going to join in too.


In 21 days time you too could be like Anna

and be on the receiving end of

‘Have you lost weight?’


Just click on this link


and you could be making your way towards your goals



Some people aren’t ready for it and

that’s fine. You’ve got to really want something to

be prepared to invest in yourself

(Trust me I know…

I’m spending £500 for 30 mins with my

coach because I really

really really want something and I’m putting it out

there to make sure I bloody achieve it!!)


How much are you willing to invest in yourself

to get what you want?


And how much have you wasted in the past

on empty promises that have got you nowhere??


Tomorrow we all kick off….

I’d love to help you feel proud of yourself.

Keep fit & fab



P.S today is the last day that you can join in as we start in the morning, so here’s the link again incase you scrolled past it just now


Tara Hammett