Have YOU got the X factor? - Tara Hammett

Have YOU got the X factor?


In a mo, I’m gonna mention Christmas.

But before that…

…I agree its a bit early, but I shall explain.

Today I’ve been busy with the groups.

The 7 day detox group has come to an end and is closing

– Well done Sarah 5lbs down, Anita 4.5 lbs down, Chanel 6.5lbs down (and amazed at her energy levels), Hannah 8lbs down and Karen 5.5lbs down…


The 21 day programme starts today, the girls have introduced themselves and are starting their day the right way…and me too!

Plus I’m still LOVING the results of the girls in the Life Taransformer Programme, espesh Sarah who is now 17.5lbs down

(And once thought was she making the right decision…Hmmmmm, let me think)


Yesterday we had the TV on and the X Factor advert came on. Every time I see this it makes me think of Christmas.It’s like the countdown to the festive season and who will be Christmas number 1 this year.

Then I got thinking (after I wondered who the judges were this year), about everyone wanting to lose the Summer holiday weight ready for Christmas,

Have you started thinking?

Are you still thinking about what you’re gonna do to lose weight….since your New Years resolution at the beginning of the year?

So I thought…..I can’t wait until the New Year to do my next Life Taransformer Programme.

I need to help as many as possible to get the X Factor ready for Christmas and into 2017.

So I’m going to start looking for an amazing team of girls to finish the year off with and I’m opening up applications for the Life Taransformer 9 programme.

You want in?


This is going to be the programme to finish the year with. All I’m looking for is 15 more girls to join me and Lou for 12 weeks.

We’re starting in September, once the Summer holidays are over and perfect timing for you to get a gorgeous new outfit to go with your brand new confidence.

This programme sells out every time, I can only take 15.

You going to take action and be one of them?
Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S If you’re wondering if the life Taransformer programme works and if it’s for you. Check out the photo of Emma here: EMMA’S TRANSFORMATION

EMMA DID LT7, she lost 4 stone!!!!!!

How much have you got to lose?


  • August 22, 2016