Have you ever thought this? - Tara Hammett

Have you ever thought this?

Today…actually DO THIS.
1. If your work life and career were ideal, what would they look like?
What one thing could you do to help you to achieve it?
2. If your family life were ideal, what would it look like?
What one thing could you do to help you make it a reality?
3. If your health was perfect in every way,
what would you have to do that make it possible?
4. If your financial situation were ideal today,
what one discipline would you have that would help you the most?
5. Why aren’t you already as successful as you would like to be,
and what one discipline would help you the most to achieve all your goals?
6. What one skill could you develop that would help you to achieve more of your goals?
7. If you could wave a magic wand and be completely disciplined in one area,
which one discipline would have the greatest positive impact on your life?
I was inspired with these questions from a book I’m currently
listening to
(This is amazing at helping me to save time)
ALL these questions can relate to YOU and your body,
health, family, happiness goals.
What are you doing to get what you want though?
Answering these questions is one thing.
DOING SOMETHING is what you need.
The 7 day detox week has been THAT LIGHTBULB MOMENT
for so many….make it yours too!
Tomorrow at 9am I’m meeting one of those people
JUST LIKE YOU who took action on a chance meeting
by the ladies loo – lol

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
P.S Yesterday I received a message from one lovely lady who’s joined the Detox week. She had a COMPLETE MELTDOWN in the changing room in Next…..that pushed her over the edge.
Now she’s in the detox week with me and excited to get her shopping list TODAY.
Want that shopping list too? CLICK HERE FOR DETOX SHOPPING LIST

Tara Hammett