GUILTY - Tara Hammett



Guilty about doing things for yourself?

Feel that you’re being selfish if you invest some time and money into YOU?

Think you’re a bad person if you take time out and want to

escape your kids, partner, work colleagues and need some time for YOU?

It’s a feeling I know so many have.

A burden on your shoulders which means you do

nothing for yourself.

How about this then….

NOT investing in yourself is SELFISH!!!

You won’t take your children swimming because

you’re embarrassed about your body.

Who misses out then?

You hide your body from your partner and it affects your


Feel guilty about that too?

You avoid nights out with your friends who want to spend time with you,

but you hate your body and cant find anything to wear.

Missing out again.

You keep doing the same thing over and over,

complaining, moaning, being irritable, snappy.

You take this out on your nearest and dearest.

And all because you don’t invest in yourself.

If you want to lose weight,

be the BEST person you can be

be HAPPIER around your loved ones

have MORE ENERGY to do things with your family

you have to do something

And do it NOW

You can do it TODAY

Make your guilty feelings productive for you.

Make a commitment to change your behaviour

Avoid a repeat of the situation and turn it around.


Invest a small amount of money on yourself – guilt free

Invest a small amount of time on yourself – guilt free

Invest right away, let me help you drop the guilt and drop the pounds.

After yesterdays email showing how the girls last month

lost up to 10lbs in 7 days, some have already taken action.

Now its your turn

Click the link below to enter the group today

7 Day Detox

Keep fit & fab



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  • August 12, 2016