Guess who won - Tara Hammett

Guess who won

Charley WON the First DVD!!
She’s getting it TODAY
and I can’t wait to see what
she thinks of it.
Then…I can’t WAIT to
see what you think of it.
and whilst I’m here I want to say a
Yesterday I posted a video on
my facebook page to share my gratitude
for all the support I’ve had.
I also shared this inspiration
message about appreciation:

We are so often caught up in our destination
that we forget to appreciate the journey,
especially the goodness of the people we meet on the way.

How often do you show your gratitude to those you care for?

For the simple things.

Maybe the main reason you

open my emails is to see what

exercise tip I can share with you

to help you TONE UP

Maybe the main reason you

open my emails it to see what

recipe I will share for you to eat


One thing I know for sure,

is all of us want to feel HAPPY

To feel worthy and proud.

Even though you may feel a little

shy and bashful at times when you

receive a compliment,

a congratulations or a simple


It’s  LOVELY feeling.

I’ve had many people

send me good wishes.

Congratulate me on the

success of achievements

However….NONE of

these would exist if it wasn’t

for the support and help from

many that I absolutely ADORE,

respect and admire.

Family, Friends and Loyal TARAnsformers.

It makes you feel good,

but I’ve also felt good taking the time to


We all think is about people sometimes,


we’re not mind readers.

So whilst I encourage you to

do some regular exercise

(Like the ones in my DVD which you can

buy on PRE-SALE here right NOW)

I also encourage you to

take 1 minute out of your day and

tell someone you care about how much

you appreciate them.

Appreciation is a wonderful feeling,

don’t overlook it.

Being told you are appreciated is the simplest thing
and yet it is one of the most uplifting incredible
things you can hear.

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S Tomorrow I will share a tip with you…..the exact reason
I chose the exercise in the DVD to make sure YOU tone up and lose weight faster than
with any other exercise plan.
^^^ there it is again ^^^


  • September 8, 2015