Gonna do this with me every day? - Tara Hammett

Gonna do this with me every day?


So many of you emailed me back yesterday after I asked the simple questions

“Are you still looking to get healthy and lose weight?”

In fact…so many, I’m nowhere near to replying to everyone yet

But I will

I really appreciate the time you took to get back to me.

And I’ll be getting back to everyone that emailed me yesterday
with a little offer.

I know so many really do want help
want to change

That’s what I’m here for

To help you
To guide you
To inspire you
To educate you
To encourage you


for everyone that did get in touch and let me know that YES
they do want my help….

I’m here

So I’ll be in touch later with that offer 😉

But what about now

How has your Monday morning started?

Has it been organised?
Is your kitchen filled with good food to keep you on track?
Have you done or plan to do a 12 min HIIT?

In the 21 day programme the results of the last 2 weeks are coming in.

Alison has lost 11lbs
Rhian has lost 7inches and 11lbs
Caroline has lost 4 inches

We’re now at the beginning of a new week
a fresh start


Declare it on a piece of paper that you put on your fridge
Declare it in an email to me

Whatever works for you.

But, if you want to aim for something this week.

3lbs lost
an inch off your waist
A better nights sleep
Some quality time with someone you love so much

Whatever it may be…set it as a goal to achieve this week.

Its only ever down to you to do


My goal this week…

More smoothies

Home-made ones filled with veggies as I realised I didn’t do so well with
the veggies last week and I want to pack some superfood in.

Lots of green veg based.
Some ginger
Maybe some low sugar fruit

I’m gonna have one EVERYDAY and post it on my instagram as my
daily accountability.

You could do the same too and just hashtag #taransformer and tag me
and I’ll know you’re joining in with me.

Hope these words inspired you this morning.

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S just a few more days before I reveal the lastest, exciting TARAnsformer challenge
and new product.

I’m excited…..but more nervous this time.

yikes xxxx

  • July 11, 2016