Gonna do the SAME as me? - Tara Hammett

Gonna do the SAME as me?

As I’m sending you this email I’ve turned the carriage
into TARAnsformer HQ.
That’s kinda what I love about my job now
(If I can call it that)
I can do it anywhere.
I’m off to a mastermind with a load
Of bad-ass business people.
We’re all part of a group of people learning form each other,
Inspiring each other and supporting each other.
Like I’ve said before
(and you’ll obvo know)
working on my body goals is easy.
It’s a lifestyle for me to
Do my 12 mins of exercise,
Eat well,
Do mindset reading and
Stay positive.
But my goals are my business and
I can fall off the wagon,
Lose my way,
Put off doing stuff,
Leave the hard stuff in favour of what’s EASY
Beat myself up for not doing it.
This time of year is also hard.
Everyone is out partying
(Like everyone on the train with me now. All excited
for their Christmas parties, eating bacon
sandwiches and drinking alcohol OOF. And it’s only 9:15am)
It could be quite easy for me to think,
Ah….I’m gonna make the most of the
Festive period and put my feet up.
That won’t get me where I want AT ALL.
So I’ve set myself up
With a plan.
My mentor group.
It’s keeping me accountable and
I’m ramping up the effort.
Are you doing the same as me?
The tough time of year.
You COULD think you’re not going to
Exercise and eat healthy now.
You’re gonna relax and make the most of Christmas and
Just do loads of shopping and partying instead.
You COULD think you’re not going to eat healthy now.
You’re gonna have the high sugar coffee’s, festive treats,
Eat, drink and be merry.
You COULD  think like me.
Show yourself what you’re made of and
Feel awesome all the way through
Party season and feel even more amazing in the New Year.
And you definitely SHOULD get you New Year plan in
Have you been on my Christmas Sale Website Yet?
Well you SHOULD, because whether you’re gonna stay
Accountable NOW or wait until the New Year,
You can make MASSIVE savings for a limited time.
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Get all of Tara’s Inner Circle 2015 FOR FREE.
But only if you get in QUICK and you
Take advantage of what I’m offering you NOW.
Ok….I’m gonna smash my goals today!
You should too!
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
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