Free LIVE Webinar - Tara Hammett

Free LIVE Webinar

Last night I had Nando’s at home.


All homemade,

Piri-Piri Chicken
Minted Peas and
Low Carb Creamy, Cheesy Mash.


That’s what you can see in the piccy above.

When you’re NOT on a diet, you can
eat the most incredible food and STILL lose all the weight you want to lose.

You just need to get on a lifestyle

(REMINDER: Diets do NOT work.
97% of diets FAIL!!)

This morning I’ve been posting videos in my
support groups about being half way through the week and
how successful has it been so far?

Some have done excellent.

Some have said the video is what they needed to get on track.
So they’re starting TODAY.

You can start any day.

The ones that have done well so far – they’ve been organised and prepped.

The ones not so well….they’re getting organised and prepped from today.

They’ve been booted up the butt.

To keep them motivated further in the week – there’s the
LIVE WEBINAR tomorrow evening at 7pm.

This month, we’re talking about

* When you want to or have entered a 5 / 10km run, how do you go from
only being able to walk, to running the event?

* What is a balanced meal? How do you make sure you’re eating healthy
and eating the best for weight loss?

* How to survived feeling like you have an energy CRASH after work
and stop raiding the fridge.

All of these PLUS any questions during the LIVE webinar will be covered
and RECORDED so it can be listened back to whenever you need it.

You want to be in the audience so you can feel motivated and
achieve the weight loss you want?


You’ve just got to be one of my gorgeous guests ūüôā
Keep fit & fab
Tara x

P.S I’m off to Bristol today to be accountable myself. An afternoon of

learning, digging in, working hard, possible doing things I’d rather not, BUT all essential

to help me get what I want.

We all need a coach and some guidance.

Don’t go it alone!



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  • July 6, 2016