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Feel Like A Failure? Do NOT Avoid It

It's something we've all felt but it's what we do with it that's most important!

On thing is for certain....we should NOT avoid failure.

In the Party Body Plan some of the girls are now realising it's ok to give yourself a break, to slip up but to learn from it.

Check out what Emma posted:

"Girls reading some of the posts (mine included) it is clear to see we all struggle.
We all fight temptation, and give in some times,
f**k we are only human but we feel down when we think everyone else is doing so well and we have just pinched one of the kiddies chicken nuggets or a cake in work or whatever it is, but know this, you are not alone....
Everyone in this group is here for a reason, if this was easy to do then Tara would be out of a job.

It’s bloody tough, we have to dig deep, we have to push ourselves to do it, but we’re all doing it for a reason.

We can do this!!
We really can.
The only person holding us back is ourselves.
So whatever you do, whether it’s slamming in the amraps and booster everyday or doing 3 a week, nailing the food everyday or having a slip up now and again as long as we are trying our best we will be better off for it.
I’ve done it all before, lost loads, felt amazing, then I slip back into bad habits, I’m not in the right frame of mind and before I know it I’m a stone heavier again. It’s disheartening, and frustrating. But we have all taken that first step, we are already making changes, we all want it, so let’s go get it!!!!
Much love ladies. Your all amazing xxx"

What an insight and so so true.

Failure really is an asset if what you're trying to do is improve, learn or do something new.

There's nothing shameful about being wrong, about changing course, about not sticking to a plan and doing something different. Each time it happens we have new options, new opportunities.

If we fail, we have the chance to learn and improve.

On any path to success, we will fail many times, so surely we should change our view on failure and consider it as essential feedback.

Embrace it and learn from it.

The only way to avoid failure, is to avoid acting full stop
And that in itself...is failure.

When you do 'fail' or slip up or give in it's the time to ask
"What went wrong?'
'What can I do different next time?'
'What should I start doing now?'

Stories of great success are often preceded by failure...these people keep on going.

Like Emma said in her post

She's slipped a few times
She's felt dishearted
She's felt shame...but....she has learned.
These lessons are her opportunity to change.
To do something that she knows will work and to keep on going....and that's what she's doing.

Instead of shrinking away
Avoiding what we know we should do something.
We should acknowledge that a temporary blip hurts much less than a permanent failure and doing nothing.

If we're up for acknowledging that there will be obstacles and discomfort, then we can understand that the world is telling you something with every failure and action.

We've got to learn
We've got to listen
We've got to be willing to change
We've got to be willing to take action
We've got to be ready to accept the 'feedback' (or failure as we call it)

Lessons only become hard if you're deaf to them. Don't be.

Failure shows us the way, by showing us what isn't the way.

Have you done this before???

Decided you want to lose weight, so you restrict your food and cut out all the things you love. Then you
put pressure on to exercise every day (and maybe take the weekend off)

This may have worked for the first few days, but slowly...it became unsustainable.

You obsessed over the food you couldn't have
You were tired and aching from your workouts
You felt stressed because you were already busy and now you're feeling hungry with no energy
You give in and go back to old habits.

The 'failure' of this plan is the opportunity to learn that

You can be realistic
You can have days off and choose a few days to do your workout
You can enjoy treats alongside good habits of healthy food
You can choose more sleep and have a lie in
You can be kind to yourself and enjoy the process

Right now what are you doing to get what you want?
Is it working?

Learn from what you have done in the past, what works, what hasn't and take small steps towards the change that you want.

P.S I'm opening up the Party Body Plan for the last 21 days...want to join in?

  • November 14, 2017