Exciting News :-)

Exciting news LOVE LOVE LOVE

I'm just gonna say a big THANK YOU!!

If it wasn't for you and everyone else who reads my emails,
my blogs,
follows my posts,
offer support
and even more.....everyone who has joined in with my plans

...I wouldn't have the life I love.

I LOVE what I do
I LOVE helping people
I LOVE seeing people change their lives
I LOVE sharing happiness and inspiration
I LOVE my business

and because of all that I LOVE my lifestyle, being able to spend plenty of time with my family and feeling happy myself.

It is hard work - like all of us have to do

5 am alarms
Often I'll have 5 clients before 8:30 in the morning
Juggling work with my Gorgy Boy Danny,
all the other bits & bobs we have to do for our homes and family - it's busy, it's hard, but it's worth it


Today I had a happy proud little moment when I found out I've been shortlisted for the
PT of the Year and
Fitness Entrepreneur of the year with the South Wales Fitness Awards


It's always lovely to be recognized, especially for something I'm so proud of.

So HUGE thank you to the South Wales Fitness Awards for the recognition.

I'm one happy Mamma / business woman this morning!!

It's up to the judges next, any either way - I'm super happy.

Now, I'm going to get to work on the next thing.

This morning on my Instagram Story (If you're not following me - make sure you do, that's where I share most of my stuff these days https://www.instagram.com/tarahammett/ ), I asked if anyone was up for another 30 Day Challenge

92% have now said yes!!

So I better get one sorted then.

Watch this space for news on the next 30 day challenge.

What would you love to achieve?
Have you got anything coming up in June/ July that you need to get motivated for?

See you on Instagram!!

  • May 16, 2018