EMMA'S 50LBS LOSS!!! - Tara Hammett


How much would you love to lose?
I’ve shared Emma’s success before.
That was before…..
Since joining the latest Life Taransformer programme she has lost another 18lbs.
Emma set a goal of getting 21lbs off and she’s got until Monday to reach her target.
That’s 50lbs that she would have lost.
Just look at her photos – COMPLETE WOWNESS!
In Emma’s words…
” I had already come a long way with tara and since losing a bit of weight.
I found I wasn’t being 100% on plan and needed the type accountability and the support that the life taransformer programme provides.
I also know that if I had put that investment in myself I knew I would try extra hard to get the results I wanted.
I have loved so many parts of the Life Taransformer programme,
the girls I have met and the friendship we formed over the past 12 weeks has been amazing.
We are all in the same boat and they are always there for you when you need them.
The weekly meetings are a fantastic way to have a catch up with Tara,
ask any questions and get that extra bit of support, and of course
getting the encouragement and praise is incredible and
really helped me in my journey.
(By the end of the programme I’m hoping for 21lbs lost, taking me to 50 lbs off with Tara)
But as well as the weight loss, I’ve been educated on the importance of eating healthy and exercising,
while understanding that this is a life change, and you can enjoy yourself and ‘live’ throughout this programme. 100% recommend it to anyone”
Like us all, Emma is SUPER BUSY, yet
she dropped her excuses and took action.
If you’re serious about losing weight,
Fed up of your excuses and not fitting into your clothes,
NOW is your opportunity to change.
Here’s the application form.
Fill it in NOW and put in black & white what you’ve been thinking for months/years.
We start on Monday!
Tara xx
P.S IF you think you’re too busy, the Summer holidays may get in the way and you’re prepared to
continue with ‘dieting’ Monday and Tuesday and sliding into the weekend with your bad habits from Wednesday….the REPEAT the cycle.
You’re not ready for change
  • July 19, 2017