Emma. WOW. 35lbs lighter. 27inches smaller! - Tara Hammett

Emma. WOW. 35lbs lighter. 27inches smaller!

Look at that incredible smile in the middle photo!!

Again, I’m taking the opportunity to celebrate the success stories of 2016

to inspire new success stories of 2017

Here’s Emma’s story:

“My story is probably similar to so many others, dieting all my life, off and on.

I’ve tried counting calories,



eliminated food groups,

eating only certain foods,

joined the gym (and probably only went twice)

bought all the gear feeling really motivated, to get a week in (if I was lucky) and for whatever reason, not seen enough weight loss,

felt deprived,

bit down in the dumps,

I’d find whatever else I could use as an excuse,

I would give up.

‘Don’t worry’ I would tell myself,

I’ll have a little treat now and be back on it tomorrow,

tomorrow it would be ‘can’t start on a Thursday, just doesn’t feel right,

wait till Monday’ then eat everything I could get my hands on until Monday.

I wasted years like this until

a friend from school had lost a lot of weight with the help of her sister, Tara Hammett.

I was in awe of what she had done and after a lot of thinking

‘can I justify the money? Will it really work for me ‘

I took the plunge.

I lost so much weight and was looking and feeling fantastic even if I do say so myself,

but as I lost weight the urge to lose weight was getting less and less.

I was 6 stone down and the smallest I had ever been.

But I lost the consistency… I fell back into old habits.

‘Surely I can have this now, I won’t put 6 stone back on from 1 take away or 1 bar of chocolate’.

I also continued alone thinking I could,

I knew what I needed to do,

I don’t need anyone’s help anymore.


So 3 years on and I had put 4 stone back on.

I was feeling really rubbish about myself,

nothing ever looked good on me,

I hid away from my husband,

and was at the point where I thought I would be unhappy all my life.

Until I started taking notice of Tara Hammett’s emails again,

I would read them every day but do nothing,

then I saw a pic of myself my friend had tagged me in on Facebook,

I was so embarrassed of it I quickly untagged myself and

promised myself I wouldn’t see the new year in bigger and unhappier than ever.

So I joined a 21 day challenge again, I can honestly say that day something in me changed.

I got up early, prepped my meals,

got involved in the group and met some amazing people who along with Tara and Louise kept me motivated.

To my surprise I enjoyed it,

I kept records of my weight and inch loss and soon began to feel my clothes get looser,

now I’m not one of these people who enjoy the gym,

or getting a sweat on but it was 12 minutes out of my day and

would be done before the kids even got up for school.

By the time I left for work I would only have my nutrition to worry about.

So I joined another programme,

and another,

I joined the Life Taransformer 10 programme and then the Party SOS Programme,

all along the way meeting new people,

having a laugh,

Making myself ACCOUNTABLE to all these lovely ladies I had met and

getting amazing support from everyone when I needed a whinge and a moan.

So I’m going into the New Year 35lbs lighter,

and 27 inches smaller.

I have gone from a size 22 clothes to a size 16 (I wore a size 14 dress out at Xmas)

and even though I have quite a way to go yet I know this time what I need to do to continue with my success.

I’m now a member of the Inner Circle,

and will be doing some 21 day challenges throughout the year to push myself past what I achieved last time,

I even have my family eating clean meals with me, and my hubby has changed his brekky from his usual 4 weetabix to a smoothie.

This year my plan is to be more active and we are already planning on our first walking adventure,

I love how I can help them to be healthier inside and out.

The biggest change I notice along with my size is how I feel inside,

I’m happier,

more confident and excited about life and

I wouldn’t of had that if I hadn’t taken the plunge and allowed Tara to help me

and for that I will never ever be able to thank her enough.

I’m finally starting to feel like the person I am meant to be.”

I’m sure you’ll agree Emma looks sensational.

And my advice to YOU today to feel as gorgeous and confident as Emma:





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Tara xx
P.S Week 40 and 3┬ádays…..still no Baby Deaks
  • January 8, 2017