Eat & Drink as much as me? - Tara Hammett

Eat & Drink as much as me?

Happy Boxing Day!
Did you have a fabulous time yesterday?
Eat & Drink loads?
Well….I totally ate too much
And went through a few bottles with my
But it was worth it.
We had fun and we were together and you
can’t get time back so you’ve go to
make the most of it.
Chances are…I’m
gonna do it again today too.
How did you feel this morning?
Maybe you felt a little sluggish
like I did, but also had that..
‘So what, it’s Christmas’ thought too.
I did sneak into the gym on the way
down to my mums.
Just a quick 12 to make me feel better.
Then as soon as i got here
my feeder Mum got the
breakfast buffet going.
Cold meat
Selections of bread
Yep…..I’ve already started again
We’ll all go for a walk later
and have fun and games so we’ll all enjoy.
I’ll get back on the wagon tomorrow.
I know some are already thinking about
getting on the wagon ASAP too.
Yesterday 2 people
(Hazel & Sarah)
were clearly thinking about
feeling sluggish and getting
a plan in place as they signed themselves
up with my Christmas Weight Loss Programmes SALE
So whilst you’re feeling a bit of
the bloat too…..why not take advantage of
MASSIVE savings with my Christmas offers.
I’m going to stop these soon, so get in now.
I know you’re going to keep on eating all
the treats.
Maybe you’ve already had a few choccies
for breakfast.
So, get your plan in place NOW
and know you’ve got me to help you
burn it all off when it’s all over.
Right…I’m gonna play with
my nephew and his train set.
Keep fit, fab & festive
Tara xx
P.S I probably will only keep these offers open
over the weekend… don’t leave it to late
to get in DETOX WEEK for FREE!
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  • December 26, 2015