Don't worry... - Tara Hammett

Don’t worry…

…it’s not too late yet!
I’ll tell you HOW in a mo.
You may have missed the boat
on joining the detox week.
Bit of a bummer as we’re
ALL doing new things this week.
And i’m loving it so so much
I will be ensuring we keep the momentum
up and everyone does it
The support groups are
INCREDIBLE for keeping will power
Awesome photos of everyone’s
meals to get ideas from.
Statuses about how people
are feeling
this time….
The game has changed.
Granted, It’s not for everyone and
MOST of the TARAnsformers
we actually a bit nervous doing
their first one.
They loved it!
Some are even on their second.
In fact, I’ve been laughing at some.
What I love the most is
actually seeing and hearing
the person behind the profile picture.
These guys could HONESTLY be
the BEST team yet…
So bring on the next 7 days where
I’ll share with you how they are doing.
So if you’re reading this and you’re
in the 7 day detox week…you
KNOW how much I’m in LOVE with
Day 1 already
I even did a video about how I want to
straighten my teeth and
get some invisible braces.
Nothing to do with detox mind,
but all about confidence and
feeling good.
(Any tips on where to go and who to 
see will be greatly appreciated!!)
Ok…So, you
may have missed the boat on joining the
programme BUT you can buy the
Detox Recipe EBook INSTANTLY
And still follow all the recipes
like the team.
With over 20 SMOOTHIES
and 40 meals, snacks, soups,
stews, salads, spritzers……
You can get straight on the wagon
and KICK START your Monday with
some motivation to lose weight.
This time next week, you can also share your
results with me and CELEBRATE!!
Here’s the book if you
want to feel like a detoxing winner!!
We’re also sharing meal pics on INSTAGRAM
So if you’re on there, follow me: tarahammett and tag me….
I’ll follow you right back!!!
Keep Fit & Fab
Tara xx
PS yesterday I spent the whole day filming
with some TARAnsformers, friends and family.
Tell you more about that tomorrow.
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  • October 19, 2015