Do you need motivating? - Tara Hammett

Do you need motivating?

Are you finding it really hard to lose weight?

Well….email me NOW and tell me what you’re doing to try?

Same thing that never really works possibly.

In the 21 day programme, we’re already 1 week in and
the results are coming in on the progress so far.

I think it’s fair to say that Claire is happy with her result right now.

6lbs in 6 days.

Starving? NO
Restricting? NO
Skipping Meals? NO

In fact…eating MORE food.

But they eat the right food.

Big meals that are filling and fat burning.

Snacking – but on the right stuff, in the right portions.

Plus they’re exercising effectively.

ONLY exercising for 12 minutes but
the difference between Claire and so many people out there (You maybe)
is she is actually doing it and not thinking about it.

Taking action.

Just like Rhian
7lbs gone

More energy and her skin feels great.

It’s not just about getting thinner and lighter,
it’s about your CONFIDENCE,
your self esteem.

Getting your energy back and feeling happier.

So today for you.

It’s Monday

The day we’re all supposed to feel more motivated.

Eaten the wrong things and drunk a bit too much because it was the weekend,
so now you’re BACK ON IT!

Declare it to me and let me know what you’re gonna do this week to
stay on the wagon.

Also… help things along.

I’m going to do a LIVE Webinar on Thursday.

It will be covering the best foods to eat for weight loss

The ones you definitely need to avoid


I’ll be answering any questions in the LIVE Q&A.

To get into the webinar on Thursday – you’ve just got to be IN HERE

I really hope you have a motivated Monday and you’ll be in the webinar

Keep fit & fab
Tara x

P.S I’m back to school today.

Where it all began for me at Bishop Vaughan School

Two days, 8 workshops, school children.

Simple right!?!?!?

I’ll be talking about it in my LIVE Facebook video at 6:30 tonight.

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  • July 4, 2016