Do you eat TOO MUCH - Tara Hammett

Do you eat TOO MUCH

Proper little piggy style . . . .
I was chatting with Jaq after the
class yesterday morning and
we were talking about how well
she’s doing
and she hasn’t quite nailed the eating part of
the plan yet.
She’s still learning
Still having hiccups
Still working on it
STILL losing weight.
She’s focused on the big rocks first….
Like I cover in my inner circle HERE
but it’s the portions.
So we talked about the BEST
way to
make sure you’re eating
the right
stuff and how to know
exactly how much to
put on your plate.
So here’s what I mentioned;
1) Make sure you’ve got your protein
source, which should be around the size of the palm of your hand.
2) Make sure you’ve got 2-3 nutritious, lower-carb
veggie sources, which should be approx what you can hold in
2 hands…(Not the starchy type of carbs-
I mention these in the Q&A section here)
3) Your healthy fat source, about the size of
the circle you make when you do an ‘OKAY’ kinda
hand gesture.
4)Starchy carbs…approx the size of your fist
IF you’re having them at your meal.
Now it’s important to have some carbs,
but how much and when does all
depend on your goals.
What are your goals?
Either way, what you choose and how much is important.
This I mentioned to Clare
last night in the Life TARAnsformer programme.
Last night I recommended she add
more carbs to some meals because she
was completely RAVENOUS in the evening
and we’re working on preventing that
and tweaking meals to
stop overeating later in the day.
Thats the problem with so many.
You THINK you’re being good in
the day BUT the choices you make
early on could be the reason you
eat TOO MUCH in the night.
And get those night time munchies.
So we’re testing her sweet spot now, so
we know the size that’s going to suit her best.
Soon, I’m confident we’ll start to see the
weight dropping further…….and she’ll be
SUPER GORGEOUS in the TARAnsformer
Photshoot in November.
*** EXCITED **
You can get your meal tweaks with me in
my inner circle……or, send me your questions.
This morning I’m off to record my podcast and
I’m LIVE at 8pm every Monday on Facebook…
get chatting with me

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S Meg asked me what’s the BEST munchies you

can have for when you’re snuggled up on your own in the

evening watching TV….What you reckon I suggested? 100points for the best asnwers

if you email me back!


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