Do this prep and LOSE 10LBS - Tara Hammett

Do this prep and LOSE 10LBS

Been watching the Olympics much?

I’ve been catching as much as possible and as always

absolutely loving it.

Watching amazing athletes complete and

take on the challenge.

Some win

Many lose

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But they still put up the fight.

They work incredibly hard and put in years of training

for moments like these.

All of this comes with the risk of failure.

Not winning a medal and having to go home empty handed.

Deflated, but they didn’t give in .

They didn’t bail out incase they lost

They didn’t let the fear of failure stop them in their tracks

They didn’t look at others and wish it was them

They didn’t avoid working for their dreams incase someone judged them.

They put in the graft

They learned form mistakes

They picked themselves up when they had a bad day

They showed up

They’re JUST LIKE US, except our goals and dreams may be different.

Is your dream to be happier

To be fitter

To be healthier

To be body confident ??????????

Are you wishing to be a winner, but doing none of the preparation?

Start today.

Phase one of your lifestyle change could be the Detox Week, which opens its doors


Last month

Sarah put in the graft, and lost 9.5lbs in the detox week

Suze learned from mistakes and lost 10lbs

Sam was amazed when she also lost 10lbs

Maz lost 8lbs and 2 inches form her waist.

They did the prep

They became winners.

Will you?


Join me and the Team for 7 days and YOU could

be loving the same wonderful achievements.
Up for it?

(Say yes, Say yes!)

Keep fit & fab

Tara xxx

P.S Cajun Baked Eggs sound nice? MMmmm and I’m gonna
get a nice lil Chicken & Sweet Potato Hash rustled up.

Real food – Total Yumsters xx

Tara Hammett