Do NOT Fail This Task - Tara Hammett

Do NOT Fail This Task

It’s TOO EASY to fail!

Fancy a FREEBIE?

Still coming tonight??

I have a challenge for you.

Remember there’s a lesson in everything.

Tonight it is:

‘Take action, get results!’

So I’m testing you to see if your REALLY do want to change.

Before the event this evening I’m going to do LIVE VIDEO on Facebook.

It will be recorded and posted on my page and profile.

During the night, I’m going to be giving some goodies away.

I want you to win something that will help you change your body and lifestyle.

So this is the task:

Look for my video titled


#1 ‘LIKE’ the video
#2 Put the comment ‘I’m taking action’ in the comments section.
#3 Listen out during the seminar to see if you’re a winner.

Ya gotta be in it to win it!!!

I’m getting more excited now!!

See ya later

Tara xxxxx

  • July 27, 2016