Did you mean to message me? - Tara Hammett

Did you mean to message me?

This person did.
She needed help
Someone to say – ‘it’s OK’
Here is goes:
“I know I always do this but I’m stressing
I’ve put on weight. I feel awful.
Just to pick your brains, shall I focus more on 
cardio and leave the weights?
Also I’m going for a high protein, high fat diet. Trying
to calm down on the carbs only going for 
sweet potato, quinoa, squash and brown rice
What do you think?”
My response first of all wasn’t the answer immediately.
I just want to give her some re-assurance
and get her to trust in herself and me that
she was doing absolutely great.
“Ah babe….don’t stress now. This is all something
you are in complete control of. Every action you take going forward
will get you to your goals…….”
I then went on to
tell her what to do.
Then she said
” Aw bless you Tara, i really appreciate
it mind. I wanted
to crumble earlier looking at myself I look awful naked.
I’m flabby and full of cellulite and I don’t know if
i’ll ever get rid of it properly.
It’s starting to really depress me”
What this girl has ALREADY achieved is
and YES, she still has some
work to do to
get to her goals.
We all do.
The main thing is –
we have to do it.
Sending a text message wont get you the results.
But what it will do is get you
the help / support / answer you
may be looking for to
HELP you take action.
I’ve got cellulite
I’m not 100% happy about myself
I’m getting a brace fitted AGAIN next
week because of my own hangs ups
about myself.
We all have them.
But it’s doing YOUR BEST!
Each day do something that will help you
get to the future of your dreams.
as Abraham Lincoln said:
“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time”
Just take it one day at a time!
That’s exactly what I’m encouraging all the girls in the Party SOS
programme to do and EXACTLY
what I’ll be doing with the LIFE TARAnsformers 
in January.
You can take it ONE DAY AT A TIME
for 12 weeks with me to kick off your 2016.
Imagine what you could look & feel
like in March 2016!!
Sexy as!
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
p.s we were out last night!!!!! Once I”ve
edited the piccys and decided which stories
i’m allowed to tell, I’ll share them with you!!
Oof…TARAnsformers give everything their best shot!!
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