Did I miss you last night? - Tara Hammett

Did I miss you last night?

Last night we had a Live Webinar

(Don’t worry TARAnsformers,

If you missed it I recorded it and

it will be in the site HERE as soon as the tech gods can get it loaded

in there.)

The main theme of the webinar to start was

about the BEST way to start your

day and what you need to consider

avoiding if you want OPTIMAL fat burning.

So….I told the listeners about the main thing

to base your brekkie on:


Then how we add the FAT to make it

even more scrumptious and keep you

satisfied THEN how we

get our fibre, vitamins, minerals and LOW CARB sources

of food in there to balance the whole lots out

so you’re NOT trying to eat your own

arm by 11am.

Then I answered Healther’s question:

“Does the time you eat affect your weight loss?

I eat after 8pm most night, will this be getting in the way?”

No, this is not a problem.

You need to make sure that by the end of the day you’re in a calorie

deficit, and that you’ve filled your day with clean foods.

There’s also a way of making sure that this meal doesn’t get in

the way by making sure it’s not

the biggest of the day, but this shouldn’t be your sticking point.

It could even help you sleep better!

We also covered the FALLING OFF THE WAGON


Don’t you hate it when you know what to do,

you know EXACTLY what you should be doing BUT:






Nights out…anything really

It all gets a bit on top of you and you just keep

eating ‘dangerous levels of french stick’

(as Sarah put it)

So I’m gonna kick a few up THA BUTT

for one whole week…

Life TARAnsformer style.

WE’re having one of my POWERFUL

accountabilty meetings tomorrow.

We’re having a private daily catch up group where

I’m going to make sure they do some thing EVERY SINGLE DAY

with the game that I like to play.


We’re having a follow up meeting to celebrate

being back on the wagon.

If you want to join in….email me back now.

I’m only gonna do with with a few,

because the few will get my full attention…..

to make sure YOU give full attention.


If you’re in…let me know!

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
p.s Don’t forget FREE LIVE Workout on Facebook at 7am today!!
Hope you read this email in time.
PPS…want to know HOW to make your meals based on PROTEIN, Fat, Low Carbs,
Fat burning and DELIIIISSSHHHHH??
Clean & Creative 2 is the one for you xxx

Tara Hammett