Day 2 and I wanted to GIVE UP - Tara Hammett

Day 2 and I wanted to GIVE UP

OMG I’m so unfit at the mo.

As I’ve mentioned I’mm taking my post pregnancy baby steps towards 

my fitness and body goals.

Current status:

* Very much in recovery mode

* Taking baby steps

* Unfit and lost my strength

* Learning how to get a new lifestyle & routine as a Mum


* Fitness right back to where I was before pregnancy

* Work on my tone & definition

(not just my butt, my thighs, my abs and my arms

* Feel strong and full of energy

* Create a lifestyle which lets me easily manage my business around my family.

My goal is going to take me a while to get to.

I’m being realistic with what I want to achieve and I know I’ll have hiccups along the way.

So today is only Day 2 and I know I’m going to find this challenge hard 

as I wanted to stop half way through the first exercise.

In the 30 day Butt Challenge (You joining?) we’re doing 50 Lunges and 20 New Jacks today.

I got to 25 lunges and I wanted to stop.

My thighs were killing me…but I pushed on.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” 

Then I thought I’d do the New Jacks later.

Bad Idea

I know as my day goes on I could be so busy with Danny and other things to do

that I’d forget or say “back on it tomorrow”

So I did them.

I did stop at 12 for a breather and a shake out.

Then I stopped at 19 1/2 as my legs were just so tired and burning.

It took me longer than I thought but I did it.

Now I’m pleased with myself and I don’t have to think about it again today. It’s over and done with until tomorrow (see how my legs feel).

So I few things from this morning.

#1 I wanted to give up

#2 I wanted to put it off until another time

#3 I took longer to do it than I thought I would

All typical feelings that so many people experience when they want to lose weight, get fitter, feel happier.

#1 Many people start things and give up easily because they think it’s TOO HARD.

It’s never easy. You have to get uncomfortable. You have to do things you don’t want to but if you

give up, you’ll never get there.

#2 Many people put things off because ‘NOW IS NOT A GOOD TIME’

There’s a celebration coming up, money’s a bit tight, You can only start n a Monday…these are all excuses. Why delay feeling awesome? There will always be celebrations, there are free things to get you going, you can start your mission on any day of the week. Drop your excuses and take action NOW. There’s no better time.

#3 Many people don’t see things through because they DON’T SEE RESULTS QUICK ENOUGH.

They compare their results with others, they get disappointed when they ‘Only’ lose1-2lbs in a week, 

they get seduced by the dramatic results of the latest short term quick fix (then put all the weight back on once it’s over) rather than investing in long term change.

After many months or years of 

Unhealthy food choices

Lack of exercise

Giving Up

Putting things off

It is going to take a while to break bad habits, stay motivated, see the results you want.

You just have to step up and remind yourself there’s only

one person that can do this. It’s YOU

Take it one day at a time.

Like I am.

Just take that first step or you’ll stay in exactly the same place as you are right now.

Get Fit & Fab with me

Tara xx

P.S if you want to join in with me. One day at a time, for free all you need to do is post in the 

TARAnsformer group each day, like I am.

Here’s the group :

The exercises are in there

There’s a video showing you the exercises 

You can post your food pics and questions in there too.

(I’m doing detox week, but you can always join the 21 day programme with me next 

week if you really want change)

  • February 7, 2017