(Day 11 Gift) Think we need a little chat | Tara Hammett

(Day 11 Gift) Think we need a little chat

I know exactly what's happening....

It's all going a bit indulgy isn't it.

I can see it in the group with the girls.

  • Excitement is building, 
  • Goodies are coming out in work more and more,
  • Meals out,
  • Drinks out,
  • Treats are in the fridge and cupboards as the BIG SHOP of Christmas is done.

"How do you stay on track this time of year!!"

SO...in response to that I'm gonna do a LIVE chat tonight at 7:30pm

Need a bit of motivation just to keep you going until Christmas Eve???

CLICK HERE and make sure you join me

I'm gonna talk about:

  • How to keep your body toned and fit when you're too busy for the gym
  • How to eat the goodies and NOT put on weight
  • What meal plan I'm following right now which you can do and STILL have Prosecco and mulled wine

Think I may even get a mulled wine ready for our catch up xx

Tara Hammett