CRITICAL: Take your finger off self destruct - Tara Hammett

CRITICAL: Take your finger off self destruct

Could this be you?
Hi Tara,
It was lovely to meet you last night.
I often read your emails and
watch your video’s on face book etc.
I keep trying on my own but keep giving up and failing.
I have spent years not being able to live a
normal life on crutches because of weight and health issues.
Too fat to do things. . . I have to do this…..
I am really lacking motivation and
finding it hard to even change my mind.
Small steps, I know,
I have to turn off the self destruct buttons
Hopefully I will get some inspiration,
I’m still waiting for that light bulb moment.
I will find the energy and strength to
attend one of your events in the future.
I will get in touch soon.

This lovely lady came straight up to me at a wonderful event

on Thursday evening and OMG…what a personality!

You know when you’re just  drawn to someone.


Anyway, the main thing is she’s stuck in a rut.

Knows she needs to change but just can’t do it.

She KNOWS what to do but each day,

does the same as the day before caving

to bad habits and cravings.

She KNOWS she’s lacking motivation,

but still lives each day feeling sluggish and lethargic.

She KNOWS trying to do it on her own isn’t working,

yes still hasn’t reached out for support and help.


That moment has come.

Following our brief chat, she took just a few

minutes from her day to message me.

I replied.

Again we had a quick text convo…

that was step number two.

I think that lightbulb may have switched on.

Sometimes all you need is to send a quick message,

make a quick call,

do something you’ve been thinking about which will

literally take minutes to do.

Then it clicks.

You know all this.

You just have to do it for you.

This lady is just like Leanne.

Leanne messaged me a few weeks ago.

We had a quick chat,

we had a few Facebook messages,

she took a step too

Hi Tara

just wanted to keep you updated ,

my chat I had with you and your emails and support ,

have really me this time,

I’m making the right choices with food and absolutely loving it.

I’ve lost 5 lb in total and a few inches ..

I also wore a pair of jeans Sunday that I haven’t worn in

over 3 yrs ( they were a bit tight but they were on )

So thank you x

All Leanne did was click on THIS LINK and

do 12 mins a day from my DVD.

For the sake of a FREE Facebook message

and 10lbs on yourself…do you think it’s worth it.

Do you think you could do just that for yourself?

Try it

If you really want change try one of these:

1) message me for FREE so some inspiration/help/support.

2) CLICK HERE and try a 12 minute workout from me

3) do 1 & 2 and get excited for that light bulb moment and change

4) do nothing….stay the same 🙁

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
P.S Yesterday Tough Tara came out on the Diet Tribe. I said it like it is….I’ll
tell you about it tomorrow. xxx
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Tara Hammett