Could you cope without COFFEE? - Tara Hammett

Could you cope without COFFEE?

It’s a tough one.
I love my coffee….but only so much.
First cup – Bliss
Second cup – Yummers
Third, forth, fifth…..nah – not feeling it.
So I don’t do it after my second one now, I enjoy my coffee more that way and it’s better for me anyway.
We all get moments where we feel tired and could do with a bit of a caffeine boost to help us through, but doing this daily.
Coffee can be very healthy as it contains antioxidants- as long as you’re choosing the best quality you can.
It can give us a boost in brain function and our metabolism.
It is however a stimulant and can cause problems like anxiety and even disrupt sleep ( We could all do with more of that hey)…It’s so easy to rely on endless cups of coffee (and tea) to see us through each day.
Yesterday I was asked
“Can you drink coffee on the detox programme, I’m not sure I could cope without it?”
Well…TBH that all depends,
For the programme I do recommend that you swap the coffee for herbal tea’s, lemon water, berry juices & spritzers.
However, if someone is a very very high quantity coffee drinker, I would recommend
reducing it and weaning off gently.
The effects can certainly be felt going cold turkey, however after just a few days
Clarity, natural energy, feeling great.
I love doing this from time to time as it helps me love and appreciate my coffee more.
If you drink lots and find that you’re not really feeling the benefits of it so much these days,
this would be a great way of getting that boost back.
Another comment I had was about the food:
“I’m a bit worried about joining the programme as I know I could do with a kick up the bum and some help with my motivation, but I haven’t got a juicer and I love my food”
Good news….you do NOT need a juicer.
If you like smoothies, great – have them.
If you don’t and you’d rather eat your meals (Like me), then there’s soooo many to choose from.
You can fill up with lovely omelettes,
Snack on rice cakes topped with banana & cinnamon,
Have a wrap for lunch when you’re out of the house,
Enjoy Piri Piri Turkey (or chicken) with chips
This week is not about starving yourself.
It’s about kickstarting your fatloss
Boosting your metabolism
Losing up to 13lbs (like Sarah Waters did)
Finding that willpower you’ve been lacking for so long
Feeling much less bloated and able to fit into your clothes
Need a helping hand to get started?
It’s only a week and only £20
We open the group TODAY, to get ready to start on Monday 1st May
This Monday
May already!!!
If you haven’t started to do anything for yourself yet this year, or you’re trying but keep on failing. Make a commitment to yourself and dedicate just 7 days to a better you.
Just think about the next 7 days and I will be with you after
to help you keep going and keep the weight off.
Bring on the detox
Tara xxx
P.S If you’re in Swansea today, I’ll be down the bay doing the warm up for the Rainbow Races.
Come and say hello
  • April 29, 2017