Confession and Declaration - Tara Hammett

Confession and Declaration


Scotch Eggs (OMG these have been my #1)



Yep….All over them

(they are awesome mind)

And yeeeessss…I know….

Tara you’re pregnant.

Of course, but I can’t go using the pregnancy excuse to eat crap when I know I could make a better choice and still enjoy it. I know I’m still going to enjoy a few things here and there but I need to be more MINDFUL and make better choices.

So yesterday I did a video and did my mini confession and declaration.

Back on it.

It’s so much easier when you talk to someone about it, make it a bit more of a promise and you actually follow through.

I’ll probably be eating out over the weekend, but I know I can still make a good choice.

Last week I was in Nando’s and had the new Super salad they’ve got on the menu.

(In fact, just remembered I took a photo of it so I just attached it to this email for ya.

Defo recommend it – yumsters)

So you can eat out and stay on track, like I’m going to work on doing later.

Today I’m gonna have a little look around some baby shops……I’m breaking the seal.

Any recommendations guys????

Right now I have NOTHING, apart from Baby Deaks knitted trainers.

So these are the rules:

#1 Think about your protein first: Chicken / fish / steak / halloumi

#2 Think about some veggies: Are there some provided, do you need to swap them instead of having chips or mash for example?

#3 Do you really need 2/3 courses?

#4 Are you drinking alcohol? If so, enjoy 1-2 vodka sodas and DO NOT have the dessert or starchy carbs.

#5 remember my DEVIL rules? play with ONE.

And don’t read all this thinking ‘Ah yeah , but its the weekend Tar and I fancy them’


Don’t go moaning about how you don’t like your body or your embarrassed.

You’re possible reading this because you DO want to change.

You know what to do, it’s all about application.

The hard part for you is finding the MOTIVATION to do it,

you WISH you had the willpower.

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to do something when someone else expects it from you?

It gives you more drive, you find your mojo and you get things done.

Get accountable and do something for YOU, with some help from ME.

Do it, like I am.

I slip up too.

We may have different goals, but we’re responsible for our health and the same principles apply.

More of these tips, plus daily advice and support from me and the team in the 21 day programme which is now only £30.

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S I’M POSTING ALL MY MEALS THIS WEEKEND IN THE GROUP. Learn with me and do it with me xxxxx

  • August 20, 2016