Completely BORING! - Tara Hammett

Completely BORING!

Check out the food above.

That’s a few of the meals we’ve had at home the past few days.

Omelette with Chicken, Mushrooms & Avocado

Piri Piri Turkey & Chunky Salt & Pepper Chips

Spicy Savoury Mince on Sweet potato

Steak & Eggs


When many think of ‘Diet’ it’s all

Tinsy plain salad – Snore!

Plain chicken, rice & broccoli – Yawn!

People starve, restrict and even skip meals all in the name

of losing weight and feeling better.

Even last night when I posted my steak piccy in the 21 day support group one of the girls commented

‘Steak & eggs! Isn’t that a lot?’

Yes…It’s plenty on the plate and it was satisfying, I enjoyed every mouthful,

I was full after (and so was Deaks) and it was healthy and part of my return to good eating.

What’s also important is the meals I had before the steak and the meals I have after.

You can have steak & eggs tonight if you want and completely copy what I had.

But what about the other meals and snacks you have before and after?

THAT is the important part.

Consistency with your choices.

You need to make good choices for breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks.

It’s so easy to be on a healthy eating plan but still cave to the

Goodies that turn up in work

The charity cake stalls

The work colleagues birthday cake

A girly coffee with a cake you got tempted by

The glass of wine (or two) every evening

Picking at the kids leftover

Putting extra on your plate

All these things get in the way of weight, inch & body goal success.

What’s the main thing that gets in your way?

Maybe……….you actually don’t know what’s best to eat


Are you eating things you think are healthy but would be best to avoid having so often?

Mine is chocolate, but before being preggers I would manage it with a protein bar or

one of my healthy chocolate recipes. I need to get back into that actually!

You can make your meal choices easier by following these recipes >> HERE

Any of those will be great for you and your mission, the hardest part is choosing which one to make first!!

Get cooking!

Tara xx

P.S Eating out is easy too. I’m doing that today.

We’re off to register Danny – yippee…so we’ll eat out too.

I won’t be ordering the chips and bread today, that’s all behind me for now!

  • February 15, 2017