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Claim Your FREE Weekly Ticksheet NOW


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After MANY years of asking, advising, inspiring and

motivating I know where so many fall short of getting what they want.

#1 They GIVE UP easily as they have no regular support.

#2 They feel ALONE as they try to do it themself

#3 They don’t quite know what is the best food to eat for fatloss

#4 They can’t find the motivation or willpower to exercise.

#5 They don’t really believe in themselves, so kinda expect to fail eventually anyway.

Do any of those steps apply to you?

Well…..I’m gonna try and make it a little easier.

Lifestyle and diet change can be so overwhelming. The thought of everything you need to do and change

can be so daunting that life seems a lot easier doing NONE OF IT.

So I designed a little ticksheet.

Something to solve all the problems in one place.

I thought…

If you had something that you could pop on your fridge or

save as the screensaver on your phone, you could

easily follow my 5 Simple Steps to change your body and lifestyle.

Fancy testing it out for me?


…this is what you need to do (See I’m making it super simple from RIGHT NOW)

A – Click HERE and hit the ‘Claim Your Free Guide Now’ Button

B – Make sure you join the FREE group so you can get the daily support from me and the team

C – Check your inbox and you’ll get an email with the ticksheet in straight away

D – Do what I advise in the email (I’ve put a *HINT* for every task if you need me to think of 

something easy to do)

E – Email me if you have any questions.

F – and the next task: Each day for 1 whole week, do the small little tasks and 

tick off each box once it’s done.

You can even play the game

Give yourself a point for every task you do.

If TODAY you say you’re gonna score 35 points

(1 point for ticking every box)

Let declare it to me or in the group and lets see what your score is ext week.

Up for it?

‘ALL IN’??

Lets see then……..


Tara xx

P.S Any other cool ideas you have that you think may help you?

Let me know, we can do it together!

  • November 6, 2016