Christmas Offer: ONLY £10 - Tara Hammett

Christmas Offer: ONLY £10

This is ESSENTIAL for right now.

The parties have all kicked off.

How many have you been to so far?

How many have you still got to go?

In the Party SOS Group

(Which I have to say….could possibly be THE MOST MOTIVATED GROUP we’ve had!)

The girls are LOVING it.

Every single day they’re posting in there,

Declaring what they’re going to do,

Sharing photos that NOBODY has seen before and WOWZERS….the transformations we’ve seen.

We’ve also seen super glam photos from the girls on their nights out, which this year they’re

looking forward to rather than dreading as there’s 50 of us helping each other to stay on track.

The girls know exactly what to eat and drink

They’re losing weight and getting into their outfits easier

Feeling glam & gorgeous 


We’ll be there with them tomorrow with their hangovers helping them 

throughout the day to make sure they don’t ruin their hard work.

We’re already a week in with one week to go.

Monday we’ll find out how much they’ve lost and what

feelings of pride and confidence they have gained.

And today’s Christmas Offer….I’m going to give you the chance to join in 

for the final week with us for only £10

Party SOS 1 WEEK Offer

You can join in with us all, 

get involved with the motivation and damage limitation


I honestly mean this……have some fun along the way.

You can ACTUALLY enjoy being healthy, 

sharing what you’re doing and getting what you want.

I PROMISE you will NOT miss out on any partying,

goodies, celebrating or Christmas Festive Fun.


No names….but some of the girls in here are ‘so much fun’

(aka…bonkers) it’s really making this programme blinking amazing.

We’d love you to join in.

Just a tenner and you’ll feel so good from it.

CLICK HERE <<<< Only £10, don’t miss out

Keep fit, fab & festive

Tara xxx

Tara Hammett