Chinese Food - Healthy Style - Tara Hammett

Chinese Food – Healthy Style

OMG these were DELICIOUS!!
I’ve been creative in the kitchen again, ready for the
Taransformer Detox Week
They took 10 mins to make and would be amazing
served with the low carb, fried rice too.
Weekends can normally be the trigger for Take-Away,
and when you’re on a mission this becomes a bit of a nightmare.
You dread it, because you KNOW you’re going to have some.
All those excess calories & fat.
It’s nice at the time but you feel so guilty after
and thirsty!
OMG – the last time I had a chinese takeaway I was up in the middle of
the night gasping fro a drink. I vowed never to have one again
(much like we all do when we drink to much and have a hangover).
The thing is – we so know we’ll get carried away one day and end up doing it again.
I could quite easily pass on the take away and
make a whole batch of these lovelies.
They’d be awesome in a buffet, packed in a lunch box or
made for when you have friends around for food.
Granted some may turn their nose up at the healthy option.
That’s fine – crack on with the greasy takeaway, but I know if I was having friends around
all the girls would choose the healthy option if it was on offer.
We’re always on a mission to eat healthier, lose weight and try to stay on track.
Recipes like this show yet again – you don’t have to go on a boring diet.
Stop the short term, quick fix, extreme, dangerous diets.
Make a start with a week cleaning up your food & drink, like detox week.
Then be consistent with your changes and enjoy eating better food all the time.
I’m adding the recipe into the programme now and I’m going to
be making sure to share everyone’s creations during the week.
Fancy making some?
Tara xx
P.S This morning I went to the HIIT class.
Exercising is always best for me first thing, get it over and done with and I don’t have to think about it.
This morning I had a lift in with Georgia.
We planned it last night as a way of making sure we both turned up. We made ourselves accountable to each other and didn’t want to let the other down.
Have you got a little training partner to motivate you?
Support is what we all need from time to time, this is why the groups work so well.
Or you can ask a friend to start doing something with you.
Or re-start doing things with someone you used to exercise with before.
Just take action
  • March 3, 2017